Riot Games launching new Belgian and Dutch leagues in 2020

It’s great news for our Belgian and Dutch bettors! Riot Games has come with a decision to build a stronger competitive League of Legends scene in Europe, introducing a plan to support lower local leagues and push esports in region of Benelux higher by creating two new separate leagues.

Partnering with Belgian gaming event and broadcasting agency 4Entertainment, Riot announces the arrival of the Dutch League and the Belgian League, two leagues representing the highest level of competition in their respecting country. These leagues will replace current Benelux Premiere League, but both of them will still belong under Benelux region, comprising of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

“We’ve partnered with Belgian agency 4Entertainment to evolve the Benelux ERL and further level up League of Legends esports in the region,” ​says Riot’s head of esports for France and Benelux, Damien “Damzee” Ricc in his ​official statement.​

Creating two separate leagues will also create an additional path for teams to qualify for the
European Masters. Six teams per league from any of Benelux countries will start competing in 2020 season, within two regular Bo1 Spring and Summer splits, followed by four team playoffs, leading into EM qualifiers. The prize pool is €7,500 per split and there will be two big National Finals events held at the end of the season to establish the leaders of each league, with a €10,000 prize pool per event.

On top of that, Riot Games introduces an Open Tour, which is supposed to be “​a series of connected tournaments which will serve as a platform for up and coming teams and players”. The company should provide more information on upcoming season early next year. The announcement states that there are plans for expansion of both leagues in the future.

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