Riot Games Makes Some Announcements

Riot Games is the major developer of League of Legends, and it plays a big role in the esports side of this game. This company recently made two big announcements that will impact how things are done moving forward for the top teams. 

There are currently just two international events when it comes to League of Legends, and that’s not as many as some of the other top esports games. Riot Games could be looking to change that by adding a third international event to the mix. 

This change could come in 2025, but nothing has been confirmed up to this point. According to the early reports, it would be held between the Winter and Spring Splits, and it would be open to teams from throughout the world. 

Riot Games tends to try to feature as many teams as possible in the international events, and it’s usually open to at least one team from every region. There is nothing to say that Riot Games has to follow the same format, but that would likely be the case. 

At some point Riot Games will have to release more information for this new tournament, and that could create more excitement surrounding this game. 

LoL Still Popular

It’s not like League of Legends is a game that is becoming less popular, but other esports have moved past a bit because they offer more international events. This new event would come at a perfect time of year as it would allow international competition to take place within the first three months of the year. 

If this tournament does try to slot in between the Winter Split and Spring Split, the other tournaments throughout the year are going to have to get pushed back. It’s unclear what it would due to the current league schedule, but that action would have to be changed a bit as well. 

Currently the league play in each region dictates the teams that are able to compete for spots in the biggest tournaments of the year. This is a sport that is played in regions throughout the world, and most of those leagues follow the same format. 

The LEC currently has three different splits throughout the year, and other regions would likely need to follow that same format. The LCS will be going back to a best-of-three series format moving forward, and that was a move celebrated by many. 

Riot Games will have a big role in determining some changes that are made, but each league will still have the right to make changes as well. 

Riot Games Hands Down Suspension

Leagues tend to take control of suspending and fining players, but there are times when Riot Games gets involved. That was the case this week as it recently decided to both fine and suspend jungler Lu “Leyan” Jue of Invictus Gaming. 

Most of the suspensions that are handed down have something to do with match fixing, but that wasn’t the case this time around. This all stemmed from a recent live stream that was conducted by Leyan in which he used a teddy bear. 

Fans witnessed Leyan jump on the teddy bear during the live stream and then went about conducting inappropriate movements. Riot Games officials in China have suspended him for the next two matches and have fined him and the club. 

This suspension is going to hurt the team moving forward as Leyan will have to miss the first two matches of the 2024 Summer Split. Invictus Gaming is going to have to find a replacement fast for Leyan, and then it will have to hope that there are no more issues moving forward.