Rocket League Season 2 Release and Other Details

Rocket League season 2 is set for release today on December 9, 2020. Since going free to play, the number of Rocket League players have hugely increased, following how incredible the game is. Following the huge success, the developers behind the game are at it again with a new season, packed with incredible features that will elevate players’ gaming experience.

The new season features a new Rocket Pass, Player Anthems, also known as customization options, and a New Arena called the gate of Neon Fields. This arena will be available from Online Playlists, where you’ll select it from Private Matches section.

The Player Anthem is the new audio and content produced by a famous, talented artist Kaskade. Another thing you should look forward to isR3MX new car, perfectly designed and enticing to the eyes. However, you’ll have to use the Rocket Pass Premium to gain access to R3MX.also available in the new season is R3MX GXT final mix, which will be present at Tier 70.

What Other Features Can You Expect on Season 2 of Rocket League?

Apart from above features, Rocket League season 2 has other surprises. Decals such as EQ-RL and Filiformer will be available, MTRX and Woofer Wheels will also grace the game. Another interesting thing about season 2 of Rocket League is the Light Show Goal Explosions that will keep you updated on the number of goals you will score.

All you’ll have to do is keep playing to unlocking various versions of goal explosions. Regarding player anthems, there will be plenty of tracks to play every time you score a goal.

What Stands Out on New Season 2 Rocket League?

Rocket League Season 2 developers have revealed that they focused on the music bit of the game. They even brought in a popular artist to help create music content. Together with another music partner, Monstercat, Rocket League will come with multiple soundtracks contributing to fabulous gameplay.

Moreover, it will be gaming worth remembering. Prepare yourself to jam to WILL K track that played during season 2 trailer and Flip Reset, among others that are yet to be revealed.

As of December 8, 2020, at 4 p.m. PDT or 12 a.m. UTC, expect to see various tournament rewards, new ways to access Esports Shop and much more. These new changes will also come with improvements to Xbox Series X|S. If you have not watched the season 2 trailer yet, find one and get a glimpse of what is about to come. Better yet, wait a few hours and surprise yourself.