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Sharks Esports Qualify For BLAST Spring Showdown

Sharks Esports won FiReLEAGUE Latin Power Spring 2022 by beating Imperial 2-1 in the grand finals on Sunday, March 13.

Sharks Esports won CS:GO FiReLEAGUE Latin Power Spring 2022 by beating Imperial 2-1 in the grand finals on Sunday, March 13. With that, Jhonatan “jnt” Silva and his crew qualified for the BLAST Spring Showdown by winning.

Sharks Fight Through A Tough Field

Sharks Esports completed their run through FiReLEAGUE Latin Power Spring 2022 with a close 2-1 victory against Imperial in the grand finals on Sunday. And while Sharks enjoyed a smooth sailing up o the playoffs, they had to dig deep to deliver on the big stage.

Sharks entered FiReLEAGUE Latin Power Spring 2022 as one of the top teams to claim the title. And they didn’t need long to live up to the expectations.

The tournament, which had no prize pool, served only as a Brazilian qualifier for the BLAST Spring Showdown featured some of the top teams from the region. That included 9z Team, Leviatan, River Plate Gaming, ELES, Imperial, Isurus, Los Grandes, and Sharks, who kicked their quest for the BLAST ticked on Thursday, March 10.

Sharks got seeded into Group B, alongside Imperial, Isurus and Los Grande. Meanwhile, 9z, Leviatan, River Plate, and ELES kicked off the tournament in Group A.

Jnt and his crew got off to a solid start, albeit they had shown some weaknesses in their opening match against Los Grandes. After trailing 6-9 at the HT, Sharks dug deep to produce a comeback, winning the match 16-14 and going 1-0 up in the group.

Following a less-than-convincing performance in the group opener, Sharks found traction and defeated Imperial 16-11 to lock in the top seed for the playoffs. Imperial eventually defeated Isurus in the decider and joined Sharks, 9z, and Leviatan in the final four.

In the semi-finals, Sharks met with Leviatan, who put up tough resistance, but proved no match for Jnt and company. Sharks won the first map (Inferno) 16-10 and sealed the deal with a close yet well-deserved win on Vertigo with 22-19.

On the other side of the bracket, Imperial s stomped 9z Team with 16-10 on Overpass and 16-9 on Mirage, thus securing a rematch with Sharks in the grand finals.

Through Into BLAST Spring Showdown

Sharks Esports and Imperial clashed in the FiReLEAGUE Latin Power Spring 2022 grand finals on Sunday in what promised to be an exciting match. And the two Brazilian teams did not fail to deliver.

The finals kicked off on Inferno, where Imperial outclassed Sharks, proving that they were the better team. After going 9-6 up at HT, Imperial needed just seven more rounds on CT-Side to seal the deal at 16-10.

Imperial kept the wind in their sails, heading into Dust II, where they took control of the match, going 13-2 up at halftime. Imperial even led 14-2 after the first round of the second half, but things turned sour quickly.

Sharks shifted into a higher gear and mounted an impressive comeback, going from 2-14 down to forcing overtime. Eventually, Sharks edged past Imperial with a 4-0 OT victory, tieing the series at 1-1.

Despite humiliating Imperial on Dust II, the latter found it in them to put up a respectable fight on the decider map, Mirage. The two teams went back and forth in the first half, with Sharks leading 8-7 before the switch.

They continued strong on T-Side and went up 15-9 before things shifted in favor of Imperial, who racked in five consecutive rounds to reduce the gap to 14-15. But unfortunately, they could find the final round to force overtime and lost 14-16.

With that, Sharks secured a very close yet well-deserved victory, which earned them a spot at BLAST Spring Showdown.

The BLAST Spring Showdown is slated for April 27 – May 1, and it will mark Sharks’ first Big Event since PGL Major Stockholm. They’ll join some of the best CS:GO teams in the world in a race for the BLAST Spring Finals ticket and the lion’s share of the $135,000 prize pool.