SK Gaming and Team Vitality Jump to Quick Lead in LEC

After the first week of spring split play, only two teams remain undefeated. Who will win when they face off on the rift this week?

After an incredibly exciting Winter Split full of some great League of Legends action, the LEC jumps into its Spring Split with the first weekend of games being played this past weekend. The first week was full of competitive games resulting in only SK Gaming and Team Vitality making it out with a clean record. They now sit tied for first in the standings at 3-0. 

Current LEC Standings 

SK Gaming jumped out to a quick 3-0 in week one taking down Fnatic, Team BDS, and Astralis. Though Fnatic is looking like the worst team in the league right now, Team BDS and Astralis are both decent teams that have a good shot at ending in the top half of the league by the end of the split.

Team Vitality found their 3-0 week via wins over MAD Lions, EXCEL, and Fnatic. Though their strength of schedule hasn’t been as tough as SK Gaming’s, being of the two undefeated teams is still a feat. This week they’ll have a shot at claiming sole possession of first place if they can take down SK Gaming in their match on Saturday.

Astralis is 2-1 after finding wins over KOI and Winter Split Champs G2 Esports. Team BDS is in the same boat after finding wins over MAD Lions and Team Heretics after their initial loss to SK Gaming. Though they fell to SK Gaming, they’re a team to watch as the split continues. 

After winning the inaugural LEC Winter Split, G2 Esports looked to make a splash early on in the Spring Split. Though they lost to Astralis, they were able to find wins over Team Heretics and EXCEL. You can still expect this team to be a front-runner to win spring. After all, they won the last split after entering playoffs as the 4th seed. 

  1. SK Gaming (3-0)

Team Vitality (3-0)

3. Astralis (2-1)

Team BDS (2-1)

G2 Esports (2-1)

6. EXCEL (1-2)

KOI (1-2)

MAD Lions (1-2)

9. Team Heretics (0-3)

Fnatic (0-3)

LEC Schedule and Betting Odds

My match of the week is SK Gaming vs Team Vitality on Saturday. After these two teams went undefeated in the first week, the schedule pits them against eachother with only one of them walking away, keeping their perfect split intact. You won’t go wrong with any of these matches as this week, like every, promises to bring plenty of amazing League of Legends action. 

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, March 18

Astralis (+140) vs MAD Lions (-200) – 1 PM

Team Heretics (-106) vs EXCEL (-114) – 2 PM

Team BDS (-286) vs Fnatic (+195) – 3 PM 

SK Gaming (+189) vs Team Vitality (-235) – 4 PM

G2 Esports (-314) vs KOI ((+246) – 5 PM

Sunday, March 19

Astralis (+110) vs. Team BDS (-134) – 1 PM

MAD Lions (-330) vs EXCEL (+256) – 2 PM

Fnatic (+114) vs Team Hereitcs (-138) – 3 PM

SK Gaming (-165) vs KOI (+135) – 4 PM

Team Vitality (+127) vs G2 Esports (-154) – 5 PM

Monday, March 20

SK Gaming (-226) vs EXCEL (+182) – 1 PM

MAD Lions (-273) vs Team Heretics (+216) – 2 PM

Team Vitality (-270) vs Astralis (+214) – 3 PM

Team BDS (+290) vs G2 Esports (-380) – 4 PM

Fnatic (+169) vs KOI (-208)