SK Gaming Jezu Takes Sick Leave

SK Gaming announced that the team’s bot laner Jean “Jezu” Massol would not be a part of the active roster for the foreseeable future.

SK Gaming announced that the team’s bot laner Jean “Jezu” Massol would not be a part of the active League of Legends roster for the foreseeable future. As revealed, Jezu has asked to be rested due to health issues.

Jezu Out Of The Team

As revealed by SK Gaming on Friday, June 1, Jezu will not be a part of the main League of Legends roster for the foreseeable future due to an undisclosed illness. Although SK Gaming have not unveiled the exact reason for Jezu’s sick leave, the team has noted that he has been dealing with ongoing health issues which prevent him from continuing to play.

According to the announcement, Jezu had already been sick last week; however, he still participated in the LoL European Championship matches. However, his health condition has reportedly not improved since, leading to his decision to step away from the roster.

“We regret to inform you that due to ongoing health-related issues, Jezu won’t participate in our LEC matches next week,” read the announcement.

“Jezu was already feeling unwell last week, but chose to push through and play in our Week 2 games. After his condition didn’t improve, in the beginning of this week, we mutually decided that he will take some time off and focus on recovery.”

The decision comes as a blow to the team that is now without one of its key players. Moreover, Jezu’s decision to step away from the roster comes at an unfortunate time, given SK Gaming’s shaky start to the season.

After two weeks of LEC 2022 Summer split, SK Gaming have managed to win just one of five series and will now have to find some traction without one of its top-performing players. However, despite the unfortunate situation, SK Gaming quickly found a replacement.

Gadget To Step In

In the announcement unveiling Jezu’s health issues, SK Gaming also unveiled Ilya “Gadget” Makavchuk as Jezu’s replacement until the 22-year-old returns to the lineup. Gadget is currently the starting ADC for SK Gaming’s academy team, SK Prime, albeit with no experience competing in the LEC.

“Since then [Jezu’s health issues], the team has been practicing with SK Prime’s AD carry Ilya “Gadget” Makavchuk, and he will also start in the LEC for Week 3. We’d like to take this moment to thank the entire SK Prime roster who have been very supportive and cooperative despite the impact the situation has on their practice.”

“We’re hoping for Jezu’s quick return to health and will provide further updates as soon as they are available. We deeply appreciate your support for the team while we go through these out of our control circumstances”.

According to SK Gaming, Gadget has already practiced with the team, and even though he has yet to debut in the LEC, he has plenty of experience competing at the highest level. While in an unfortunate situation, Gadget should prove to be a worthy substitute for Jezu.

Gadget has made his professional LoL debut in 2016 when he played for CrowCrow and has since played for several prominent teams. That includes RoX, Vega Squadron, and Unicorns of Love, with who he won two LCL titles in 20202 and made an appearance at the 2020 LoL World Championship.

He has since played for mousesports before leaving for SK Prime, with who he has finished his first split in seventh place. Gadged will make his debut for SK Gaming on Friday, June 1, against Team Vitality in the first round of LEC 2022 Spring Week 3.