StarCraft II Master’s Coliseum 6 Playoffs to Start Soon

The StarCraft II Master’s Coliseum 6 tournament has wrapped up its Group Stage, cutting the initial field of 24 down to 12 and seeding the remaining competitors into a double-elimination bracket.

The top two players from each group have been seeded into the first round of the upper bracket, while the 3rd place competitor from each group has been seeded into the first round of the lower bracket, putting immense pressure on Maru, Reynor, Solar, and Lambo who will be unable to afford a loss in playoffs.

They’ll all watch the first round of action in anticipation of seeing who they will face the following day.

Serral vs. Clem

  • When: Tuesday, September 5th – 7 AM ET
  • Odds: Serral (-230) vs. Clem (+175)

The first match of the Playoffs is between two of the top competitors in this tournament, as Clem and Serral will meet on the servers. Serral had a dominant run through Group A, securing the 5-0 match record. More impressively, he was capable of doing it without dropping a single map.

With a perfect 10-0 game record, it’ll be an ask for Clem to take a game off of Serral, let alone do it three times. Clem didn’t have the worst run in groups by any means and should be competitive in the match.

Clem earned the 2nd spot out of Group B after going an impressive 4-1. The record was good enough to put him in a tie for first place, but his 8-4 game record was just behind herO at 9-4, planting Clem in the 2nd seed.

Still, no one should count out the Frenchman, who is one of the top Starcraft II players in the world in his own right.

ByuN vs. Dark

  • When: Tuesday, September 5th – 8:30 AM ET
  • Odds: ByuN (-120) vs. Dark (-109)

The next match of the day will see two of Korea’s best, ByuN and Dark, face off in the opening round of the upper bracket. ByuN has consistently been one of the top players in the world, and his 5-0 run through Group C showed it. He took down RagnaroK, Solar, HeRoMaRinE, NightMare, and Spirit while only dropping two maps along the way.

Dark will have to shape up his play if he wants to compete. In Group D, he was able to pull out the 4-1 match record, securing the second spot, but had a messy road on the way there.

With an 8-5 map record, Dark will need to clean up some of the mistakes if he doesn’t want to find himself in the lower bracket.

herO vs. MaxPax

  • When: Tuesday, September 5th – 10 AM ET
  • Odds: herO (-115) vs. MaxPax (-115)

Fans and oddsmakers are split on this matchup between herO vs. MaxPax, which will feature the Protoss Mirror Match-up as the only two remaining Protoss players battle it out in the opening round. herO was able to claim the top seed in Group B after going 4-1 and edging Clem out in the tiebreakers.

MaxPax went 3-2 in the Group Stage and has the worst Group Stage Match and Game record of any of the players who are in the Upper Bracket in the playoffs. Who will be the last Protoss player standing?

Cure vs. RagnaroK

  • When: Tuesday, September 5th – 11:30 AM
  • Odds: Cure (-600) vs. RagnaroK (+365)

There is less debate amongst the fanbase in this one as Cure enters as a -600 favorite after having the second-best record in Groups. Cure was able to pull off the 5-0 record in Group D while only dropping a single map.

This will be a challenge for RagnaroK, who, despite going 4-1, dropped the most games of any team in the Upper Bracket with 6.