Supercell Announces “At Least” $1M Prize Pool For Clash Royale League 2019

One of the world’s most popular mobile esports is launching their league for a second time and it’s open to everyone. Despite the single-player gameplay, The Clash Royale League (CRL) is a team-based league that concludes with the top 6 teams battling it out at the World Finals. Players from around the world can qualify through the app in the hope of being signed by a CRL team, giving those individuals a shot at the big time. Details about the prize pool for this upcoming match are thin on the ground but the game’s developers, Supercell, have announced that it will be “at least” $1M USD.

Tentative Steps

Mobile esports have had a tough time attracting mainstream audiences and the type of prize money involved is a fraction of top tier games like League of Legends and Dota 2. And it’s not as though it’s a budgeting issue; in 2017 Clash Royale generated revenues of over $2B, netting Supercell a profit of $810 million and cementing its spot as one of the highest grossing mobile games of all time.

The limited prize pool for Clash Royale’s latest league is more a reflection of the lower viewership than it is the size of the coffers. While a huge amount has been invested in a high production programme (see previous Clash Royale World Finals), the game has not seen anywhere near the same level of popularity as its FPS and MOBA counter-parts. A lack of viewership limits the reach of their sponsors, and throwing more money at the prize pool would quickly have diminishing returns.

Clash Royale World Finals

While a one million dollar prize pool may lack the headline grabbing attention of a major esport tournament, it is a positive signal for fans of mobile gaming. The total prize pool for CRL 2019 is expected to be a significant step up from the previous year’s league debut, and with over 3 years of operation, Clash Royale is fast proving itself as a permanent feature in the esports landscape.

The CRL 2019 announcement comes at time when other mobile esports are struggling. Artifact, Valve’s most recent addition, was set to become a future hit across mobile platforms. Unfortunately, the game is facing an uphill battle after a poorly received launch on PC and the lack of news about a promised $1M tournament has been worryingly quiet. CRL 2019 is certainly a glimpse of optimism for mobile gaming fans.

The Clash Royale League will take place in Los Angeles, Seoul and Shanghai with a season in spring and fall. The exact prize pool is yet to be announced but will be at least $1M USD.