Svenskeren Re-joins Cloud9 LoL Roster

Former League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) MVP, Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen, has re-joined Cloud9 as a substitute jungler.

Former League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) MVP, Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen, has re-joined Cloud9 as a substitute jungler.

The North American LoL team announced the news on Monday, March 14, ahead of the penultimate week of the LCS 2022 Spring regular season.

Svenskeren Returns

As announced by Cloud9 on Monday, Svenskeren has returned to the North American esports organization as a substitute player. Svenskeren previously spent two seasons (2018, 2019) with Cloud9 as the starting jungler and has now returned to the team after a three-year hiatus.

During his tenure with the team, Svenskeren helped C9 reach two League of Legends World Championship appearances and has now returned to serve as a secondary jungler. However, it’s unclear whether Svenskeren will get a chance to play for the main roster.

The organization has not commented on Svenskeren’s future in the team, which begs the question of what his role in C9 will be. It does seem likely that the 26-year-old will join the academy team and potentially get a chance to play on the LCS stage.

But as it stands now, Cloud9 already field Robert “Blaber” Huang, who played under Svenskered when the latter was with C9’s LCS team. Meanwhile, Cloud9 field Sebastian “Malice” Edholm in the academy team.

It’s unknown whether C9 will want to make any changes in their LCS or Academy roster, though. The LCS team has been doing well this season and are the current league leaders, having already locked a spot for the playoffs.

Meanwhile, C9 Academy recently finished NA Academy 2022 Spring in second place, suggesting that the team operates well enough and don’t need to make any adjustments. Still, like many other teams, C9 seems to have added Svenskeren as a plan B if either of the junglers cannot attend the playoffs.

A Second Chance

Svenskeren is a well-known name in the North American LoL esports scene and a veteran player. He started his career way back in November 20211 with 3DMAX, and after spending four years in Europe, he moved overseas to compete in the LCS.

His first LCS team was TSM, who Svenskeren joined in November 2015 and remained with the team until November 2017. During his stint with TSM, Svenskeren won three LCS titles and attended two LoL World Championships.

Moreover, he also helped TSM place top-four at IEM Season 11 Oakland and finished ninth-12th and ninth-11th at the two LoL Worlds (2016, 2017).

Svenskeren left TSM at the end of the 2017 season and joined Cloud9, where he jumped between the main LCS roster and the academy team.

Most notably, Svenskeren led C9 to a runner-up finish of the NA LCS 2018 Summer and helped C9 reach the semi-finals of Worlds 2018.

This is, to date, the highest placement a North American LoL team has managed in the international tournament. C9 continued posting solid results in the domestic league in the following season but couldn’t deliver at Worlds 2019.

Following an early (ninth-12th) exit from Worlds 2019, C9 made several roster changes and parted ways with Svenskeren, who joined Evil Geniuses for the 2020 season.

Unfortunately, the 26-year-old couldn’t achieve much with EG. Although the team was competitive throughout the entire LCS 2022 and 2021 seasons, Evil Geniuses could not deliver with it mattered.

For the first time since 2015, Svenskeren missed LoL Worlds, and he eventually found himself at the exit doors. Since leaving Evil Geniuses after placing top-six at LCS 2021 Championship in August, the jungler was left homeless.

However, after spending the last half a year without a team, Svenskeren now has a chance to relaunch his career.