T1 Gets a 2nd Shot at Gen.G Esports in Week 5

T1 looks to start a resurgence by taking on the Top team in the LCK as the league prepares for the halfway point of the season.

It’s been an absolutely thrilling Summer Split in the LCK after four weeks of high-level League of Legends. Gen.G Esports is flying high as we near the halfway point of the regular season, sitting at the top of the standings with a perfect 8-0 record. kt Rolster is right on their heels with a 7-1 record. T1 has found themselves in 3rd place with a 6-2 record, shocking the world after having such a strong performance not just during the Spring Split but also at the Mid-Season Invitational. 

Current LCK Summer Split Standings

  1. Gen.G Esports (8-0)
  2. kt Rolster (7-1)
  3. T1 (6-2)
  4. Hanwha Life Esports (4-4)

Dplus Kia (4-4)

Kwangdong Freecs (4-4)

7. Liiv SANDBOX (2-6)

OKSavingsBank BRION (2-6)

DRX (2-6)

10. NongShim REDFORCE (1-7)

Gen.G Steamrolling the Competition

The Summer Split’s front half has been smooth sailing for this Gen.G Esports squad. Not only are they the only team with a perfect match record, but they’ve also only lost three individual games on their way to 8-0. A win over Liiv SANDBOX on Thursday will mark a victory over each of the other LCK teams for Gen.G Esports. Gen.G Esports is the massive favorite to become Summer Split Champion as we enter the back half of the regular season. 

T1 Rough Return Home

Since returning to LCK from the mid-season break, T1 has had a solid split but not one that many expected. They’ve found themselves on the losing side of two matches already and will need help from other teams if they want to have one of the Top 2 spots heading into the postseason. They can start by helping themselves in their rematch with the ever-dominant Gen.G Esports on Saturday. T1 is entering at +156 underdogs, but all League of Legends fans know you can never count out a team led by Faker. 

Tied at 7th

Liiv SANDBOX, OKSavingsBank BRION, and DRX find themselves in a three-way tie for 7th place with 2-6 records. They’re all going to enter this back half of the season with a fire under their butts, as only the Top 6 teams will qualify for the postseason and keep their dreams alive of competing in the League of Legends World Championships later this year. Currently, the 4-6th spots are held by Dplus Kia, Hanwha Life Esports, and Kwangdong Freecs at 4-4 records, and as there starts to become separation in that pack, the teams currently tied for 7th may be able to make a move upward in the rankings. 

LCK Summer Split Week 5 Schedule and Betting Odds

With teams playing multiple times a week, you’ll want to check with your oddsmakers for updated odds. All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Wednesday, July 5th

Kwangdong Freecs (+340) vs. Dplus Kia (-476) – 4 AM

DRX (+793) vs. T1 (-1667) – 6:30 AM

Thursday, July 6th

NongShim REDFORCE (+486) vs. Hanwha Life Esports (-769) – 4 AM

Liiv SANDBOX (+869) vs. Gen.G Esports (-2000) – 6:30 AM 

Friday, July 7th

OKSavingsBank BRION (+939) vs. kt Rolster (-2500) – 4 AM

Dplus Kia (-714) vs. DRX (+469) – 6:30 AM 

Saturday, July 8th

T1 (+156) vs. Gen.G Esports (-196) – 2 AM

NongShim REDFORCE (+227) vs. Liiv SANDBOX (-303) – 4:30 AM

Saturday, July 9th

kt Rolster (-1667) vs. OKSavingsBank BRION (+864) – 2 AM 

Kwangdong Freecs (+175) vs. Hanwha Life Esports (-222) – 4:30 AM