T1 Sign Munchkin To Valorant Team

T1 Sign Munchkin To Valorant Team

T1 continued its Valorant roster rebuild on Wednesday, May 25, with the signing of Byeon "Munchkin" Sang-beom.

T1 continued its Valorant roster rebuild on Wednesday, May 25, with the signing of Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom. The 24-year-old joins the Korean esports organization as the newest addition to its Valorant roster and is the third signing of the month.

Another Roster Rebuild

Following a fairly disappointing streak of performances throughout the 2022 season, T1 decided to rebuild its Valorant division. And even though the team has been struggling with roster stability throughout the year, the biggest changes happened this month.

At the start of 2022, T1 made the first significant roster moves, when the team parted ways with Timothy “autimatic” Ta and Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, who was one of the members of T1’s inaugural Valorant lineup.

To fill in the gaps, T1 added Johann “seven” Hernandez and Josh “pwny” VanGorder, but even that did not introduce any stability to the team. Less than a month later, T1 suspended coach David Denis for violating Riot’s Valorant ruleset during VCT 2022: North America Stage 1 Challengers – Open Qualifier 2.

Meanwhile, the first roster change came in Match, when T1 benched seven, who got picked up by TSM shortly after. Now, just a month later, T1 announced further changes to its lineup, which began on May 15, when the Korean esports organization let go of Rahul “curry” Nemani, who joined Cloud9.

IN a swap deal, T1 acquired head coach Yoon “Autumn” Eu-teum and Son “xeta” Seon-ho from Cloud9, leaving them with just one more vacant spot left to fill.

Munchkin Joins T1

Munchin joined T1 Valorant team on Wednesday as the final addition to the lineup. The 24-year-old rounds up T1’s squad as the second Korean player and one of the most exciting additions to the team.

Munchin started his Valorant esports career in August 2020 as a member of Cloud9 Korea before he spent over a year with Crazy Raccoon, with whom he achieved plenty of success. Fans will recognize Muhcnin as a player sho helped Crazy Raccoon compete in the 2021 Masters berlin and the VALORANT Champions.

Even though the team did not win either of the two events, Crazy Raccoon were one of Japan’s top Valorant teams, with silver medals from VCT 2021: Japan Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs and Stage 1 Challengers Playoffs from March 2022.

Munchin joins T1 as a highly experienced Valorant player and former Overwatch league DPS player for Seoul Dynasty and Boston Uprising. And even though it remains to be seen whether T1 will manage to achieve more success with its new lineup, it does seem like the Korean squad has assembled a very competitive roster.

The 24-year-old is possibly the most notable signing T1 have made this year. He is known for his aggressive duelist play and should fit in perfectly with the team, as a solid replacement for seven.

He is also highly flexible and able to play other roles, so if things don’t work out, T1 will have options to make some role changes within the team.

Ready For The Next Stage

With the recent signing, T1 now field a complete Valorant roster and is set to enter the third stage of the VCT season. According to comments from T1 CEO Joe Marsh, the team will likely remain in the North American VCT for the next stage.

He suggested the team will want to compete in the NA region following the signing of xeta and Autumn, and even though this was yet to be confirmed, it seems like T1 will indeed continue their quest in NA.

Three of the five team members hail from North America, including Zander “thwifo” Kim and pwny, who are American, and Joshua “steel” Nissan, a Canadian player who currently resides in the United States.