T1 Survives as LCK Playoffs Heat Up

With the Upper Bracket Semifinals in the LCK all wrapped up, we look to next week, which brings us two matchups which both should be absolute fireworks.

Playoffs season is in full swing for all the professional League of Legends around the world. As always the LCK is delivering dramatic high-level play as the Upper Bracket Semifinals took place this past weekend. T1 and Gen.G were able to secure victories over KT Rolster and Hanwha Life Esports, respectively. They will meet eachother this week in the Upper Bracket Finals this weekend while the other two will duel it out in the Lower Bracket Semifinal. 

T1 (-270) vs Gen.G (+202) – Saturday, April 1 – 2 AM ET

Last week T1 found themselves in a very dangerous position, getting pushed to all five games in their match against KT Rolster on Saturday. T1 and KT Rolster alternated games back and forth, ending with a 54-minute Game 5 that had brought all of the drama. T1 had the perfect team fight around Elder Dragon while KT Rolster attempted to back door. T1 was able to respond in the knick of time and found the Ace to secure Game 5 and the series.

Gen.G, on the other hand, won their series rather handily. Their 3-1 win left all spectating without a doubt that they were the better team on the day. Though they lost Game 3 in just over 29 minutes, they were able to win Games 1 and 4 in under 30 minutes. Peanut and Peyz looked like they were playing at the top of their game, which could spell trouble for T1. 

Gen.G can be a very aggressive team who may be able to take advantage of a T1 team that was pushed to its limits last week. I could see this series going all five games, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw these two battling it out in the Grand Finals at the end of the playoffs. All that’s certain is you won’t want to miss this League of Legends match.

KT Rolster (-263) vs Hanwha Life Esports (+200) Sunday, April 2 – 2 AM ET

Though they find themselves currently in the Lower Bracket, KT Rolster has still got to feel somewhat confident with the performance that they had against T1 last Saturday. That series was an absolute slugfest, with the two teams spending over 3 hours on the rift locked in battle. Knowing that they were only a team fight away from taking down the Kings of Korea will surely fuel their drive to continue their journey in the LCK Playoffs.  

Hanwha Life Esports, on the other hand, go into this series with confidence, knowing they’re still the only team in the LCK with a match win over T1 in 2023. Though their win came in the regular season when matches were still Best of 3s, the fact remains that Hanwha Life Esports has done something that no other team has done this year. With their playoff hopes on the line, you can expect them to give KT Rolster everything they got. 

Though many may come into this week expecting very little from Hanwha Life Esports, I believe that this match will be close, even if the series doesn’t go all five games, I think each game will be very competitive. Hanwha Life Esports has a big name in the jungle in Clid who showed up for them in their sole win over Gen.G Esports last week. Trust me this series will be worth waking up early for.