T1’s Worlds Winning Roster to Return Next Season

The world champions T1 have all resigned with the team for next season. Is it a good move for T1?

The 2023 competitive League of Legends season was an exciting ride from the beginning to the end. At the end of the day the LCK’s pride and joy, T1, was able to find their way once again to lifting the Summoner’s Cup at the end of it all marking the 4th season that the franchise has reigned over the League of Legends and Esports World. Fans were wondering what to expect for T1’s roster for the 2024 competitive season as 3 of the 5 world champions had their contracts expiring this offseason.

However, T1 fans can rejoice in the fact that the organization has been able to sign all three players so that the roster can play another season together, a very rare occurrence for Champions League of Legends. That news was partnered with the announcement that the team will bring back their former coach “kkoma” who had been with the organization back in 2012-2019 during some of the team’s best years. Will T1 be able to repeat? Unfortunately, we have a long off-season to wait to find out.

The Best in the World?

Though T1 won the 2023 League of Legends World Championships, some analysts and experts will debate the validity of the title “Best Team in the World.” Sure they won the big flashy tournament at the end of the season, but when looking at their year as a whole it’s hard to ignore that the team was struggling at multiple points throughout the year.

The team was unable to win either of the LCK splits this past year, while the team had a major slip in the Summer Split Regular Season when Faker had to sit out of matches due to injury. They also benefitted from the fact that the meta at Worlds became one that benefited T1’s roster and play style. When compared to the year that a team like JDG Intel Esports Club had, where they consistently dominated all year, some argue that T1 may not have been the best roster this year, and their luck is sure to run out.

Their Wild Run Together

Though they may not be skill-wise the best team in the world they did take JDG down in the Semifinals of Worlds and the fact that they were able to win League of Legends’ biggest tournament of the year shouldn’t be undersold. Not only were they the last team standing they also had all of the odds stacked against them earlier in the year.

Faker the all-time greatest player in League of Legends esports history had to leave the team in the Regular Season of the Summer Split, the roster struggled heavily without him and found themselves with a 9-9 record and 5th in the standings at the end of the split. In the Playoffs the team all popped off as each member of the team earning an MVP honor in at least one game with Zeus, Faker, Keria, and Oner all getting 2 or more. Though the team wouldn’t be able to win the Split, they battled valiantly and earned 2nd place, which gave them enough League Points to qualify for the Worlds Tournament, where, as we know, they continued their winning ways.

Though there are valid reasons to criticize and be concerned for the future of T1 it is also undeniable that they are an elite team in League of Legends and as defending World Champions, they’ll have every opponent’s respect.