Team Heretics Making Lineup Adjustments

The top League of Legends teams are starting to gear up for another big event as the LEC Spring Split will be starting soon. This will be a chance for teams to qualify for some bigger events later in the year, and everyone wants to be at their best. 

Team Heretics is one team that is looking to make a big move at this event, and they just announced so major roster changes ahead of the event. There were rumors that some changes were coming, and it was made official through a video that was posted on X. 

Co-founder Arnau Vidal was one of the men on the video, and he was joined by General Manager Alvar Araneae. Two players on the roster are going to be replaced moving forward, and those changes will impact how this team attacks opponents moving forward. 

Perkz is one of the players that will be replaced for the LEC Spring Split as the veteran has lost his job to a rookie. The laner has not been playing up to his ability of late, and it will be Zwyroo that will give it a shot with a great team. 

Kaiser is the other player that has lost his job on this team as he will be replaced by Trymbi in the lineup. Trymbi is actually coming back to the team after sitting out during the Winter Split, but he is a proven name in this league. 

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Heretics Needs to Bounce Back

There were a couple of LEC teams that entered 2024 with some momentum, and Team Heretics was at the top of that list. This team was expected to make a big move this season, but they ended up going just 4-5 to begin the year. 

One thing that was surprising about this team is that they actually decided to make some moves prior to the start of 2024, but those moves were seen as positive. Perkz, Wunder, and Jankos were all added to this roster from G2, but things just didn’t work out as well under new leadership. 

Trymbi was always planning to make a return to this team at some point, but this was a chance for the leaders of Team Heretics to make a couple of moves. Sources indicated that Perkz was at odds with some on the management team, and that was part of the reason that he has been benched. 

There is still some time for this new roster to practice together in advance of the next big event. The next split is set to begin on March 9th, and that will be the first time that the team must perform on the big stage. 

Patch 14.6 is Coming

It can be hard to keep up with all of the changes that happen when it comes to League of Legends, but the developers of the game usually provide some great updates. Now that Patch 14.5 is now out, it’s time to start focusing on the Patch 14.6 update. 

The release date for the next update is officially set for March 20th, and there is no reason to believe that it will be delayed. No champion changes have been announced yet, but it’s likely that there will at least be some slight changes made. 

At least five new skins are going to be released in the next patch update, and that will add some new excitement into the game. All of the new skins will have something to do with High Noon, and that should make fans and players of this game happy. 

Nothing in the new patch is expected to impact the meta, and that is what many have been worried about.