Team Liquid

Team Liquid Adding UmTi to Line Up for 2024

Team Liquid is adding UmTi in an attempt to bring in LCK talent to help their League of Legends program.

The LCS offseason continues to move at full speed as Sheep Esports has reported that Team Liquid is finalizing its roster as they prepare for the 2024 competitive League of Legends season. In addition to reports that Yeon will remain with Team Liquid’s starting roster, they’ve also reported that UmTi will be coming over from the LCK to roam the jungle for them. Even though it’s unclear if CoreJJ will return to the team next year, many think it’s likely he will. Will this iteration be able to find the domestic success that Team Liquid is known for? 

The Future Roster

The four players that have reportedly been decided upon so far are Jeong “Impact” Eon-Young in the Top Lane, Eom “UmTi” Seong-Hyeon at Jungle, Eain “APA” Stearns in Mid, and Sean “Yeon” Sung as the AD Carry. Fans are hoping that veteran Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-In will return to be the support in the bottom lane, though, with his wildly successful resume, he could play for nearly any team in the world that his heart desires. As of now, it seems likely he will return, but it’s not like his options are limited. 

Team Liquid’s Hopes to Return to Glory

Team Liquid started out really hot at the beginning of franchising in North America. They quickly went out and got some of the best League of Legends players the world had to offer, no matter the price point. They found early success with that game plan, winning four straight LCS titles and reigning as the champions for two years. During that time, they’d have mediocre international performances for the most part, barring an exceptional run at the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational in which they got 2nd. 

Despite the international failure, the franchise has been successful domestically, making Worlds 5 times in the past 6 years. Despite the history of success at home, they haven’t been able to find an LCS title since 2019. Though often finishing the season in the Top 4, they haven’t been able to get it done the past couple of years, and the hope is that UmTi will be able to help Team Liquid find their way back to a title.


UmTi has had a long playing career in competitive League of Legends overseas in Korea, competing in the LCK since 2016, when he joined the Jin Air Green Wings organization. UmTi would stay with that organization till 2020, when he would join BRION after Green Wings stopped operations. 

Though he has competed in one of the best leagues in the world for quite some time, his name is still a new one for Western fans as he has played on some of the worst teams in the LCK during his tenure. The best his team has ever done is 6th place during his career, so he is hoping that he can finally find some success in what is a less competitive region. 

While it’s not unlike Team Liquid to go out and sign an import to fill any holes in their roster, this one is unlike the ones before it, like Bwipo or CoreJJ, in the fact that this UmTi is a complete unknown for their fans, and with his track record probably much cheaper. This has some fans wondering why the team doesn’t just try to develop talent in the position rather than risk it on another import. Though his veteran presence could help the team, some still are worried that his track record is a warning sign of things to come.