Team Spirit Sign Yellow Submarine

Team Spirit has revamped their team entirely as it has picked up Dota 2 stack, Yellow Submarine. The team will be led by the newly acquired veteran – Airat “Silent” Gaziev in the position of head coach. The team will be making their return to Dota 2 with the former roster of Yellow Submarine, according to the announcement made via the team’s official website.

The team has started on a strong foot as they secured the title of the BTS Pro Series Season 4. They were already competing in the competition before the announcement was made. It was a sweep against in the finals, giving the franchise its first title in over two years.

Team Spirt also took to Twitter to announce both achievements. After the conclusion of the BTS Pro Series, Team Spirit tweeted, “We Won! We are the #BTSProSeries Season 4 champions! GGWP @GGVikin. Thanks fr watching #SpiritDota #Dota2.”

It has been an incredible eight months for the team, who are just trying to piece things together. They have been absent from the Dota 2 scene for a while, with their last appearance coming at the OGA Dota PIT Season 1: Europe/CIS. It was a poor display from the team who finished 10th and was the start of what was total disbandment. The tea lost Vasily “AfterLife” Shishkin and Alexander “Immersion” Hmelevskoy in June, and by October, only two players were left on the team’s active roster.

The rising stars of CIS – Yellow Submarine – surprised everyone in October after their win against Team Nigma. The new team struggled and made their way to DOTA Summit 13 and the EPIC League. For a new team that returned to competition in July, they performed well at these events even though they did not make it to podium spots in either of the events. Joint winnings from both events totaled $35,500.

Following the signing of Yellow Submarine, the CEO of Team Spirit, Nikita Chukalin, said, “Back in summer, it became clear that the new DPS season would not start until the end of the calendar year. This time window allowed us to try a new approach in the formation of the roster. The goal was to discover new names: more than 80 players were reviewed for all positions, of which only 12 were shortlisted. The result of this work was the Yellow Submarine roster: you could watch them in action throughout the fall. Today we are ready to unveil them as a roster that will play under the Team Spirit tag.”

As we get closer to the start of the DPC 2021 season, we will witness an interesting turn of events in the coming weeks. Team Spirit’s return to Dota 2 will spur a host of different teams to find their way back to the game. Also, Valve has confirmed that there will be a proper season next year, which is more incentive for teams to come back into the Dota 2 competitive scene.

We will see a shift in activities surrounding Dota 2 in the coming weeks. A lot of players are currently teamless, and also top teams, like mudgolems are orgless. With the hope of a new season in view, teams will start to build a new roster to get in on the action.