The League of Legends European Masters Spring Round 08 Overview

The League of Legends European Masters Spring Round 08 Overview

The League of Legends European Masters Spring round 08 is drawing close, and we’re expecting to see some incredible actions from various teams. With the group stages done, we are into the quarterfinals, and the stage is set to see which teams move to the next round.

With the competition heating up, you have the chance to bet on the teams and take a shot at League of Legends betting. So, if you plan on betting, we’ve covered the different games to give you our insight and what we expect the results to look like.

So, join us as we look at the different matchups for round 08 of the LoL European Masters Spring and their odds.

LDLC OL Take on X7 Esports

The first match in this quarterfinal round is between LDLC OL and X7 Esports. Both teams didn’t need the Play-in to get into the group stages. However, X7 was second in Group B after Karmine Corp, which paired them with Group D winners LDLC OL.

Both teams had an incredible run in the group stages. However, LDLC went 6-0 to qualify for the quarterfinals, making them the best team in the group rounds. As a result, they remain one of the favorites to reach the next round.

The average odds for both teams are -244 for LDLC and +174 for X7. The spread at -1.5 for LDLC is -110, and the one for X7 Esports at +1.5 is -122.

LDLC are the clear favorites and most likely to win. And we undoubtedly back them to progress to the next round.

Bifrost and Ago Rogue for a chance in the Semis

The game between Bifrost and Ago Rogue is a close tie, and we are gearing up for a tough one. Although Bifrost had a better run during the group stages as they finished first in Group C, it won’t be an easy task against Ago Rogue. Both teams are closely matched and have shown how good they can get.

With a 5-1 record, Bifrost was one of the best performing teams in the group rounds. However, the knockout stages are a different ball game.

But we think they have a shot at getting to the next round. However, the odds currently show that both teams are not far off each other.

The win odds for Bifrost is -132 and AGO ROGUE, on the other hand, has -103 odds. The point spreads for both teams are +157 at -1.5 for Bifrost and -217 at +1.5 for AGO. Our bet would still go for Bifrost in this case.

Karmine Corp welcomes Unicorns of Love SE

The next match is between the winners of Group B and the second in Group D. Karmine Corp slightly edge out X7 Esports in the group rounds to the first position, and as a result, they can face a lesser threatening team compared to LDLC.

The team qualified with a 5-1 record and is only below LDLC in the standings, making them one of the teams to expect in the Semis. Their quarterfinal matchup does not seem like it would be tough, even though we can’t write off any teams at this stage.

The odds are set at -526 for Karmine and +323 for Unicorns of Love. The spread is set at -179 for Karmine at -1.5 and +130 at +1.5 for Unicorns. So, undoubtedly, Karmine Corp is the clear favorite team to win this matchup.

Vitality.Bee and Fnatic TQ fight for the Last Semifinal Spot

For the last semifinal spot and a chance to face either Karmine Corp or Unicorns of Love, Vitality Bee and Fnatic TQ must battle it out in an epic showdown. Both teams were incredible in their respective group matches. However, Vitality had the best run of the two.

Fnatic TQ ended up finishing second behind Bifrost after not being able to beat the leaders and Team ESCA Gaming during the group rounds. However, the match is closely tied, and Fnatic might be the only team to finish second and make it to the semis.

The current odds stand at +115 for Vitality Bee and -156 for Fnatic TQ, making Fnatic the favorites in this tie. In addition, the points spread is set at +134 at -1.5 for Fnatic and -185 at +1.5 for Vitality. Our prediction is in favor of Fnatic TQ.