The Race for First Heats Up in the LCS

With FlyQuest falling to Evil Geniuses last week the LCS playoff picture is wide open with multiple teams having a real shot at ending the season in first place.

Things are starting to heat up in the North American League of Legends scene as the top team FlyQuest fell last week to Evil Geniuses, allowing Cloud9 to close further the gap in their pursuit for the top spot in the LCS. With a majority of the league just needing a single win to move up in the rankings you can expect some shake-up to the standings in the next couple of weeks.

Current LCS Standings

FlyQuest remains in the top spot despite going 1-1 last week. This upcoming week has them facing two teams in the bottom half of the league as they take on Team Liquid Honda and Immortals Progressive. FlyQuest needs a 2-0 week to keep them in first place for now. 

Cloud9 took advantage of FlyQuest’s loss, using it to close the gap after they went 2-0 last week. Evil Geniuses was their best friend last week, but this week they will go against each other. If Cloud9 can beat the team that took down FlyQuest last week, they’ll have a ton of momentum going into their match against FlyQuest in two weeks. 

Evil Geniuses had a great week going 2-0 against Team SoloMid and FlyQuest. If they can keep this momentum up and find a win against Cloud9 after taking down FlyQuest they will have a very real shot at going into Playoffs with the top seed. These last two weeks are going to be crucial for this Evil Geniuses squad as every game matters. 


  1. FlyQuest (11-2)
  2. Cloud9 (10-3)
  3. Evil Geniuses (9-4)
  4. Golden Guardians (8-5)
  5. Counter Logic Gaming (7-6)
  6. Team SoloMid (6-7)
  7. Team Liquid Honda (5-8)
  8. 100 Thieves (5-8)
  9. Immortals Progressive (3-10)
  10. Dignitas (1-12)

LCS Week 7 Schedule and Betting Odds

My first match of the week is Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9. This match is for second place in the LCS and, ultimately, for momentum as the teams prepare for the final week of the season, which will consist of three games. We’ve already gone in-depth on the stakes of this game. Just know that this is a can’t-miss game of League of Legends

My next match of the week is Team SoloMid vs Golden Guardians, which is the last match on Friday. Golden Guardians were the hottest team in the LCS before losing last week to Team Liquid Honda, making them the perfect target for Team SoloMid, a team who was struggling early on in the season but is looking to make a late-season surge in the standings right before playoffs. With everyone’s attention being on the race for the top seed, this game is getting overlooked, but you won’t want to miss it when these two get on the rift. 

All times listed are in eastern time. 

Thursday, March 9

FlyQuest (-278) vs Team Liquid Honda (+206) – 5 PM

Golden Guardians (-167) vs 100 Thieves (+131) – 6 PM

Evil Geniuses (-119) vs Cloud9 (-106) – 7 PM

Team SoloMid (-204) vs Immortals Progressive (+159) – 8 PM

Counter Logic Gaming (-345) vs Dignitas (+249) – 9 PM

Friday, March 10

Team Liquid Honda (+152) vs Cloud9 (-200) – 5 PM

Immortals Progressive (+463) vs FlyQuest (-769) – 6 PM

Counter Logic Gaming (+145) vs Evil Geniuses (-189) – 7 PM

Dignitas (+200) vs 100 Thieves (-263) – 8 PM

Team SoloMid (+161) vs Golden Guardians (-213)