Things Heating Up at Mid-Season Invitational 2024

The Mid-Season Invitational 2024 is loaded with the top League of Legends teams in the world, and that is naturally going to lead to some great battles. Things have been relatively calm up to this point, but there are some intense rivalries brewing as this tournament moves along. 

Now that the group stage is over, teams are fighting for their lives in this tournament in the bracket play. Staying in the top bracket will provide a better chance to come away with a win, but there are going to be teams fighting desperately in the bottom part of the bracket. 

Not only are the teams showing off their skills in each matchup, but there has also been plenty of trash talking taking place. Here is a look at some of the recent action in this event, and some of the big matchups that are still to come. 

NA Teams Continue to Struggle

For whatever reason, LoL teams from the North American Region continue to struggle in international events. Team Liquid was trying to change that at the MSI 2024, but they were sent straight to the lower bracket in this part of the event. 

Top Esports looked the part of a MSI betting favorite as they embarrassed Team Liquid to set themselves up with a good path moving forward. Team Liquid will still have a chance to come back and win this event, but they can’t afford to take any more losses along the way. 

The NA Region now has their top team just one loss away from elimination, while Top Esports will look to continue to represent the LPL moving forward. Teams from other regions just continue to disrespect teams from North America, and that’s not going to change until a team is able to make that a reality. 

Top Esports had not looked impressive up to this point in the MSI 2024, but they quickly found themselves and dominated this matchup. 

EU-NA Matchup Coming ?

Even though Team Liquid is now in the lower part of the bracket, it hasn’t stopped one of their best players from talking some trash. Eain is the top mid laner for Team Liquid and he is taking shots at Fnatic. 

Almost immediately following the 0-3 loss to Top Esports, Eain took to social media to claim that Fnatic would be embarrassed by Gen.G. If that were to happen then it would set the stage for a huge battle between Fnatic and Team Liquid, and that might be the match of the entire tournament. 

Gen.G is clearly going to be favored over Fnatic in their matchup, and that is going to come later in the week. There has always been a rivalry between the EU and NA Regions, and this would only add another layer to that story. 

Team Liquid is currently facing some serious challenges as a team, and perhaps a huge rivalry matchup will allow them to get back on track. 

LPL, LCK Controlling the Action

The struggles for teams from the NA Region is nothing new, but it’s not the only region of the world that struggles to win big international matches. Teams from the LPL and LCK just continue to prove their dominance, and that has been the case yet against in the MSI 2024.

Teams from the Eastern Hemisphere just continue to have more success when it comes to LoL tournaments, and that gap might be getting bigger. G2 Esports and Rogue cant at least claim to have wins against teams from the Eastern Region, but the betting odds suggest that a team from teh East will win this event.