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Three Big Esports Stars on the Move

The summer months are typically when some of the best esports action takes place, and there are some big tournaments on the schedule. Teams are trying to get everything in line to make big runs in international events, and there is a special event taking place this year. 

The first ever Esports World Cup is coming, and that will give players and teams a chance to show off on the international stage. With that in mind, there has been plenty of movement of some of the biggest names in the world of esports. 

Here is a look at three esports stars that are on the move, and how that might impact tournaments throughout the year. 

Astralis Makes Deal with Fnatic

Counter-Strike 2 is a sport that is really just starting to gain some steam, and teams are still trying to figure out how to put together their best roster. Team Astralis and Fnatic clearly have very differing views as they just made a move for a great player. 

Benjamin “BlameF” Bremer has been sold by Astralis to Fnatic, and the move will take effect immediately. This was a shocking move announced by Astralis as BlameF is a player that has had a significant role on that roster. 

Fnatic is going to use BlameF as one of the riflers, and that is a major change from the role that he has been playing. This is a team that already has many of their pieces in place, but this move could allow them to make a big move on the international stage. 

BlameF might be looking at a different role on Fnatic, but it could allow him to see some success again on the international level. He has not been a part of a championship team since back in 2020, and he has been carrying many teams since that time. 

Team Heretics Down a Starter

Masters Shanghai is the next big VALORANT tournament, and it’s one that many teams were working hard to qualify for. Team Heretics is one of those that are in the field, but they are going to be without a key player to begin this event. 

Dominykas “MiniBoo” Lukasevicius is going to miss this event after claiming that he is dealing with excessive burnout. This was a mutual decision by the player and the team, and everyone is comfortable with him taking a few weeks off. 

Team Heretics has not yet announced their official roster for Masters Shanghai, but they are expected to fill in the hole from within. There isn’t enough time to make a big move to acquire a new player, and they want to maintain some consistency. 

MiniBoo is just 18 years old, and he has been working hard to balance his busy esports schedule while keeping up with his schoolwork. 

Apex Super Team Gets Better

ImperialHal is another player on the move as the Apex Legends superstar has decided to join his former rival. After deciding to move on from TSM after a five-year run, ImperialHal is going to give it a go with DarkZero Esports. 

It’s going to be a completely new role for ImperialHal as he is going to give up his IGL spot in order to join this new super team. Instead of trying to find a way to beat DarkZero Esports in future events, ImperialHal decided to simply join forces. 

This is not only going to impact international events in this sport, but it will have a huge impact in the ALGS as well. These are two bitter rivals in that league, and each team has won three LAN titles.