TOP10 launches esports community-driven news platform

TOP10 has announced the launch of their first iteration of a community-driven approach to an esports news platform.

TOP10 Esports aims to become the ultimate destination for the esports community with content such as breaking news, gameplay articles and video series. They aim to connect Esports fans across the globe through their community-driven approach to their platform.

“We plan to provide engaging and entertaining content across all our social channels   from trending memes to gameplay videos. Our web platform will act as the central hub for our community and all content surrounding the currently popular esports titles.” said Peter Kristoffersson, TOP10 Esports Founder.

The beta platform in its current state has been launched as an esports publication where fans can access news and articles about their favourite games and teams easily across the platform.

“The next steps to evolve our platform we will be allowing esports fans to customise their experience by following specific games, teams, events and authors. The content will then be uniquely curated as part of the user’s personalised experience.” continued Peter Kristoffersson, TOP10 Esports Founder.

In addition to all of this, there is a section purely for fans to see what is currently ‘trending’ on their page and clicking on these links can redirect readers to the article mentioned in order to stay up to date with the latest in-game information.

As a community-driven initiative, TOP10Esports is working with and involving members across the esports community such as content creators, writers and other esports enthusiasts to help drive the project and its direction. We are excited to see how the platform evolves over the coming months and how they plan to deliver tournament information and upcoming statistics. TOP10Esports has a brilliant approachable feel for its audience and its a welcomed site for all esports fans.