Toronto Ultra Sign Hicksy to Their CDL Roster

Toronto Ultra Sign Hicksy to Their CDL Roster

The reigning Call of Duty League finalists, Toronto Ultra, have announced the signing of Charlie "Hicksy" Hicks on Tuesday, October 19.

The reigning Call of Duty League finalists, Toronto Ultra, have announced the signing of Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks on Tuesday, October 19. The 21-year-old CoD pro has joined the team as a substitute and sixth member.

Toronto Ultra Add a Substitute

Toronto announced their starting CoD esports roster for the 2022 CDL season in September when the organization unveiled they’re not making any changes. This made Ultra one of the few teams in the league to run it back with the same lineup.

The only two CDL organizations that have decided to keep their roster are Atlanta FaZe and Minnesota RØKKR. Coincidentally, those are the only three teams to win a CDL Major in 2021.

This came as no surprise, considering the success Toronto Ultra have had in 2021. They finished the CDL regular season in second place, won one CDL Major, and made it all the way to the CDL Championship finals.

Even though Ultra lost their chance at the organization’s first CDL title, they put up a strong fight against Atlanta FaZe. Considering their strong showings in 2021, it makes a lot of sense for Ultra to not make any big changes to their core of players and instead work on the foundation they’ve to build last term.

However, three months later, Ultra unveiled a slight adjustment to their roster by adding Hicksy. As it stands now, Hicksy is joining Ultra only as a substitute, who will step into the active lineup if the situation calls for it.

Hicksy Joins Toronto Ultra

By adding Hicksy, Toronto Ultra have announced their first signing since March, when they added Jamie “Insight” Crave to replace Anthony “Methodz” Zinni. The change followed Ultra’s poor start to the season.
The roster swap paid dividends, helping Toronto Ultra win the second CDL Major. The addition of Insight effectively transformed Toronto Ultra from one of the middle-of-the-pack teams to top contenders.

It remains to be seen whether the addition of Hicksy will prove to be as effective as Ultra’s last roster change. However, it’s fair to feel optimistic about it.

Hicksy began his CoD esports career in January 2018 with Aerox eSports. He later played for The Atlas Lions, Mythos Gaming, Team Elitist, Obtained Esports, HyperBoom, Passion, and most recently for Elevate.

Although Hicksy played mostly in the second-tier CoD competitions, he has achieved a lot. In 2021, Hicksy qualified for five Elite seasons and never placed worse than top-three.

What’s more, Hicksy has won six CoD Challengers tournaments and claimed a silver medal in 11 others during the CoD: Black Ops Cold War season. Unfortunately, despite his success, Hicksy was unable to win the Call of Duty Challengers 2021 European Finals.

As a member of Elevate, Hicksy finished the European finals in the fifth-sixth. Despite their underwhelming finish, Elevate’s only tournament loss came against the eventual finalists, Amelia Strays, who beat them 3-2.

Toronto Ultra Are Ready For The 2022 CDL Season

With the addition of Hicksy, Toronto Ultra now field a very stacked CoD esports roster. The promising rookie will team up with Methodz, Insight, Ben “Bance” Bance, Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan, and Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson.

Now fielding six members, it’s unlikely that Toronto Ultra will want to add any more faces to their CDL 2022 roster. However, adding a European Challengers player to the CDL league might suggest more rookies will be given a shot in the big league.

Toronto Ultra now have plenty of time to work with their new roster and find the best-suited lineup to represent the organization in 2022. As it stands now, the tournament organizers have yet to unveil when the next season begins.

However, working with the dates of previous seasons, it’s likely that the CDL 2022 season will begin sometime in late January.