TSM Takes Down Top-Ranked FlyQuest

TSM handed FlyQuest their first loss of the year. The LCS is now at the halfway point in the schedule, and anyone can take first.

There are no longer any undefeated teams in the LCS after TSM took down FlyQuest on the second day of the super week last week. With FlyQuest’s loss, the door is now open wider than ever for Cloud9 or Evil Geniuses to make a move for first place. Regardless of the outcome, LCS fans should be excited and ready for some competitive League of Legends in the coming weeks. 

Current LCS Standings

Last week TSM had the biggest win of the season, taking down the front runners of the league when they beat FlyQuest. TSM absolutely dominated FlyQuest ending the game with 11 more kills, 7 more turrets, 3 more dragons, and 2 barons to cap off the trouncing. FlyQuest’s Support Winsome ended the game with 7 deaths, while Spica, their Jungler, ended with 6. Showing how much TSM can excel when everything lines up for them. 

Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses both had perfect 3-0 weeks last week, putting them only one game behind first, thanks to TSM. They both will face TSM in the next two weeks, which will provide TSM with plenty of opportunities to close the gap separating them from the tie for 2nd place. With plenty of League of Legends left to be played, anyone could find themselves in the top seed at the end of the split.

Another team to keep an eye out for is the Golden Guardians, who are also coming off a perfect 3-0 super week which included a win over TSM. Though few had high expectations for the Golden Guardians at the start of the season, they’ve stuck around and find themselves tied for 4th at the halfway point of the split. Given the fact they’ve shown continual improvement over the split, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this squad at the top of the standings at the end of the year. 


  1. FlyQuest (8-1)
  2. Evil Geniuses (7-2)

Cloud9 (7-2)

4. TSM (5-4)

Golden Guardians (5-4)

6. CLG (4-5)

100 Thieves (4-5)

8. Team Liquid Honda (3-6)

9. Immortals Progressive (2-7)

10. Dignitas (0-9)

LCS Schedule and Betting Odds

My first match of the week is Immortals Progressive vs Team Liquid Honda on Thursday. Though both of these teams are near the bottom of the standings, this game will tell us a lot about Immortals Progressive. If Team Liquid Honda wins, they will separate themselves by two games from Immortals Progressive. Immortals need a win if they have any hope of climbing the standings in the back half of the split. 

My next match of the week is TSM vs Cloud9. After TSM became the god killers last week, it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep up the momentum against another top team in the LCS. Though oddsmakers heavily favor Cloud9, expect this to be a close game and quite possibly an instant classic match of League of Legends

All times are listed in Eastern Time. 

Thursday, Feb. 23

FlyQuest (-250) vs 100 Thieves (+190) – 5 PM 

Immortals Progressive (+191) vs Team Liquid Honda (-256) – 6 PM

Golden Guardians (+163) vs Cloud9 (-213) – 7 PM 

TSM (-115) vs CLG (-111) – 8 PM

Dignitas (+375) vs Evil Geniuses (-556) – 9 PM

Friday, Feb. 24

TSM (+225) vs Cloud9 (-303) – 5 PM

Dignitas (+564) vs FlyQuest (-1000) – 6 PM 

Team Liquid Honda (-102) vs 100 Thieves (-123) – 7 PM 

Golden Guardians (+146) vs Evil Geniuses (-189) – 8 PM

Immortals Progressive (+173) vs CLG (-227) – 9 PM