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Two Teams Qualify For PGL Major Copenhagen

The world of Counter Strike never seems to slow down, and there is a major event underway on this sport. Some of the top European teams are competing in the European RMR, and two teams have already punched their tickets to the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. 

Since Counter Strike is a game that is played in many different formats, every event seems to look and feel a bit different. This is all about some CS2 action, and these two teams have clearly proven that they are among the best on the continent. 

The two qualifying teams are G2 and Virtus.pro, and both teams were able to qualify in pretty convincing fashion. With three maps available for every matchup, both of these teams were able to come up with a clean sweep in order to advance. 

While other teams are still going to qualify for the huge event next month, both of these teams now have some serious targets on their backs. 

G2 Blows Past FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan came into this event hoping to bounce back after a stunning exit at the IEM Katowice, and they were one of the 2:0 teams through the first part of this event. While they seemed to be in better form than G2, that’s not how the action played out this time around. 

This was not only a big win by G2 over FaZe Clan, but it was also a chance for some of the members of this team to prove their worth. m0NESY had been carrying this team so far in 2024, but the rest of the squad finally played well enough to allow this team to advance. 

It always takes some big performances for teams to win any Counter Strike event, and that’s exactly what happened for G2. FaZe is still in contention to get to the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, but their path just got a little bit harder. 

Niko continues to be the best player on the FaZe team, but at some point he is going to have to help lead his team to a major title. This will just ads some additional fuel to the fire for FaZe Clan, and other teams in that part of the bracket might have to deal with those consequences. 

Virtus.Pro Continues to Impress

While most teams that play professionally on the Counter Strike circuit have a clear game plan, that’s absolutely not the case when it comes to the Virtus.Pro team. Opponents continue to struggle to decipher how this team is going to attack them, and it’s always too late by the time that they come up with a plan. 

NAVI was the opponent of Virtus.Pro in the 2:0 portion of this bracket this week, and it was NAVI that came into this matchup as the favorite. Virtus.Pro was able to use their varying style of gameplay methods to frustrate NAVI and ultimately qualify for the PGL Major Copenhagen. 

There were a couple of standout performers for Virtus.Pro during this matchup, as FL1T and fame seemingly did everything right along the way. Last year, this team didn’t even qualify for the major event, but they will now have some time to prepare to win on the biggest stage. 

While much of the focus has been on the top teams at this event, there was one team that was clearly the most disappointing in the field. That team was Ninjas in Pyjamas as they lost all three matches to go home empty-handed, and they will be missed when the action in Copenhagen begins.