UK and Ireland’s top amateur teams fight for a UKLC spot

Riot UK has announced that Forge of Champions is returning this spring, as the UKLC Split is set to reach its conclusion. The tournament will see the UK and Ireland’s top amateur players go head-to-head against the best UKLC League of Legends teams.

Teams who qualify will have the chance to win a lion’s share of a £10,000 prize pool and the championship trophy, as well as the chance of joining the UKLC via the promotion tournament.

Forge of Champions Spring will begin with online tournaments, open to all eligible UK and Ireland amateur teams and players. Following, the top four teams from qualification will join the nine UKLC teams in the main event in a selected number of matches. Finally, the four amateur teams will enter the promotion tournament alongside the bottom two UKLC teams, where they will battle to take their spots in the upcoming Summer Split.

Format Breakdown

The event will start with two open tournaments, with the top two teams from each proceeding to the main event. Each online qualifying tournament will be composed of a maximum of 128 teams that will face each other in a BO1 knockout bracket.

The four qualified teams will then be seeded according to their results and will face the teams that finished 6th-9th in the UKLC league table. The four winning teams of those matchups will then move on and face the 2nd-5th UKLC teams in the quarterfinals. Finally, the team that makes their way through the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final will move on to the grand final and play against the number one seeded UKLC team, Diabolus Esports.

Concluding, the promotion tournament will run with all four open teams playing BO1 matches in a seeded double elimination bracket. The winners of the upper and lower bracket finals will each go through to the next stage. The two teams will then play against the bottom two UKLC teams in BO3 games following the same format. This time, the two teams that come out victorious will earn qualification to the UKLC Summer Split.

Key Dates:

  • Open Tournament: 12th April – 14th April & 26th April – 28th April
  • Main Event: 30th April – 3rd May & 8th May – 9th May
  • Promotion Tournament: 14th May – 17th May


Prize Pool

There is £10,000 up for grabs at Forge of Champions, with all qualifying tournaments including the main event and promotion/relegation awarding cash prizes to the top teams.

Main Event Placement:

  • 1st: £2,350.00
  • 2nd: £1,750.00
  • 3rd: £1,400.00
  • 4th/5th: £900.00
  • 6th/7th/8th/9th: £462.50
  • 10th/11th/12th/13th: £212.50

Promotion/Relegation Placement:

  • Promoted/Retained space in UKLC: £500
  • Loss/Relegated: £125


Watch Forge of Champions Live

Catch all the action, starting with the main event on the 30th April live on