Unicorns of Love Announce New PUBG Team

Unicorns of Love Announce New PUBG Team

European PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile esports team, Unicorns of Love unveiled its new lineup for the mobile battle royale game.

European PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile esports team, Unicorns of Love unveiled its new lineup for the mobile battle royale game. The news surfaced on Thursday, August 26.

Lack of Success

Unicorns of Love first entered the PUBG: Mobile esports scene in October 2020 with a roster that featured Miguel “NANO” Angel Villacorta Lopez, Gary “ULISES” Ulises Villanueva Ponce, Sandro “SANDRO” Gayoso Luaces, Yusef “PokuS” Laout Mohamed, and Ignacio “Nacho” Menoni Nogueira.

However, due to poor results, Unicorns of Love decided to release its roster at the start of 2021. Four of five members left for UDR KILLERS, while Nacho continued his career with Rexpect Esports.

Unicorns of Love was quick to assemble a new roster, featuring Ahon “AgoNN” Hysenaj, Erjon “SAVAGEX” Muhametaj, Detjon “BEGFORMERCY” Muja, Nicklas “Fresh” Komander, and Radoslaw “KED” Ragaman.

Unicorns of Love started gaining some traction in the PUBG: Mobile esports scene with the new roster. In February, they finished second in Severnik x 13. Bolge Gaming Challenge, and placed third and fourth at The Purge PUBGM EU Series 2 and Unicorns of Love x Severnik EU League respectively.

Their best placement of the year happened in June when Unicorns of Love finished third at PUBG Mobile Pro League – Season 1 2021: Western Europe League. With that, UoL secured a spot in the Western Europe Finals.

Unfortunately, the team failed to deliver in the big event. UoL entered the Western Europe Finals with high expectations but managed only a sixth-place finish.

Although Unicorns of Love secured 154 points, which sat them only five short of a top-three finish, they were no match for the tournament’s top dogs in Destiny and Panda, who accumulated 176 and 192 points, respectively.

Failing to finish the top-four meant UoL missed out on qualifying for Pro League Season 1: 2021: EMEA Championship. That eventually led to another major roster overhaul.

A Fresh Start

After fielding two European lineups, Unicorns of Love explored the idea of a mixed roster featuring Chinese and European players. Their plan was eventually revealed on Thursday when UoL showcased their new PUBG: Mobile roster.

Despite their previous roster’s lack of success, UoL decided to keep Fresh, who has been with the team since January 2021. Joining the German player is former GODSENT member Rolandas “Rolkis” Paliukas, and a Chinese trio in Lin “LLIN” Davide, Jiawang “GK1st” Wei, and Yiangtian “XT” Shi.

GK1st is a standout player on the Unicorns of Love new team. The 17-year-old has previously played for Panda, where he has proven himself as one of the best players in Europe.

With Panda, GK1st won the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Season 1 2021: Western Europe League and the final event. GK1st also finished 12th at the EMEA Championship.

Rolkis joins Unicorns of Love as the second big name on the team. He previously played for GODSENT, and won a bronze medal at EMEA League Finals in October 2020.

Most recently, Rolkis was seen playing for Lazarus in North America but has left the team in June and has since been teamless.

With this new team, Unicorns of Love will hope for a fresh start as they look to establish themselves as one of Europe’s top teams.

Unicorns of Love are currently ranked second in terms of overall points from the first season. This sets them up for success, as they look to end the second season strong and qualify for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021.

Their biggest threat for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 are Panda, who sit in first place in the standings. However, it is doubtful they will manage to keep that spot after three of their players moved to UoL.

Unicorns of Love will make their debut in PMPL Western Europe Season Two. The dates for the tournaments have yet to be confirmed; however, the event is slated to take place sometime in September.