Valorant Champions Tour: Americas League Underway

Valorant Champions Tour: Americas League started play last week we break down what all happened while looking at what the next week brings.

The Valorant Champions Tour had its opening week for the Americas league as all teams competed in their first regular season matches of 2023. The Opening week had some close matches, including MIBR taking the LOCK//IN tournament runner-ups LOUD to all three maps. Expect more great Valorant this week, as Week 2 is chock-full of fun and exciting matchups. 

Current VCT: Americas League Standings

FURIA opened its season with a solid 2-0 win over KRU Esports. The match started with a close game on Split, ending 13-11. FURIA went on to dominate the second game on Ascent, taking the map and the series 13-5. FURIA faces Leviatan this week in what should be an interesting matchup, as the teams have had similar results all year.

Leviatan took their first series of the season 2-0 as well in their win over NRG. Leviatan won the took the first map, Pearl, 13-11. They also then went on to dominate the second game taking Lotus in Game 2 winning with a score of 13-4. Though they’re the favorites going into Saturday, they’ll need to bring their A-game to win against FURIA. 

Things started out easy for LOUD, the team many had picked as their favorite to win the Americas League. They won the first game easily 13-5 on Split before losing a close 11-13 game on Lotus to MIBR. This set up an incredible Game 3 that saw LOUD manage to squeak out a 13-11 win on Haven, securing the series 2-1. Expect a sharper performance from LOUD as I expect them to clean up a lot of their mistakes as they prepare for Cloud9.

Cloud9 won a hard-fought 2-0 series against Evil Geniuses. The match started out with a highly competitive 13-11 Cloud9 win on Pearl. Cloud9 then secured the match-winning game on Fracture 13-9. You can expect Cloud9 to be playing at their best as they try and take down the powerhouse that is LOUD. If you aren’t excited for this upcoming match, you aren’t a real Valorant fan. 

Fan favorites Senitenels opened the League with a 2-1 win over 100 Thieves, another fan-favorite team. This match went back and forth and was by far the most competitive of the opening week matches. The first map was a close 13-11 win for Sentinels on Fracture. Game 2 on Split and Game 3 on Ascent both went to Overtime with final scores of 14-12, with Sentinels taking Game 2 and 100 Thieves taking Game 3. Sentinels looks forward to an easier match against NRG this week. 

  1. FURIA (1-0)

Sentinels (1-0)

Leviatan Esports (1-0)

Cloud9 (1-0)

LOUD (1-0)

6. KRU Esports (0-1)

NRG (0-1)

100 Thieves (0-1)

Evil Geniuses (0-1)

MIBR (0-1)

VCT: Americas Schedule and Betting Odds

My match of the week is Cloud9 vs LOUD on Saturday. Both teams have loyal and vocal fanbases, and there is going to be a ton of anticipation around this matchup. This will be a good test for both teams, and I expect it to go on all three maps. 

The lines are not out yet for all of the matches. Check with your oddsmakers for updates. All times listed are in Eastern Time. 

Saturday, April 8th 

Cloud9 (+275) vs LOUD (-474) – 3 PM 

Leviatan (-215) vs FURIA (+145) – 6 PM 

Sunday, April 9th

NRG vs Sentinels – 3 PM

MIBR vs KRU Esports – 6 PM

Monday, April 10th

Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves – 3 PM