Valorant Champions Tour Championship Weekend Upon Us

All three of the VCT leagues are wrapping up this weekend. We break down the final match-ups as all 9 teams race for 3 titles.

It’s championship weekend for all of the Valorant Champions Tour as each league is preparing for their final two matches of the season, the lower bracket finals and the Grand Finals, to crown season champions. With all three leagues playing both Saturday and Sunday, you won’t want to miss a single second as the season comes to what is sure to be a thrilling end.  

Pacific League

The lower bracket final in the Pacific League is between DRX and T1. DRX came into the playoffs as the number-one seed after losing only a single match in the regular season. They started their playoff run with a 2-1 win over Team Secret before being sent to the losers bracket by Paper Rex after a brutal 2-0.

T1 came into playoffs as the 3rd seed off of a 6-3 record. T1 started out strong with a 2-1 win over Gen.G Esports in their first match of the playoffs. However, similar to DRX, they met Paper Rex next and were promptly sent to the loser’s bracket with a 2-0. 

The fan-favorites Paper Rex started their playoffs run with a bye week that they earned as the 2nd seed ending the regular season with a 7-2 record. Their playoff run has consisted purely of shutting out the two participants in the lower bracket finals. Regardless of who they face Sunday, Paper Rex will have the confidence knowing they already had a 2-0 against them. 

Americas League

The Americas League playoffs have been rather dramatic as the lower bracket final sees a rematch from the opening round of the playoffs as Evil Geniuses and NRG prepare to run it back after an amazing Round 1 match. The first time these two faced off, the 6th seed Evil Geniuses snuck out a 2-1 win over the 3rd seed NRG.

After upsetting NRG, Evil Geniuses went out and shocked the world, taking down the 2nd seed, Cloud9, in a dominant 2-0 where Cloud9 was only able to win 7 rounds between the two maps combined. Unfortunately, they couldn’t take down the Brazilian powerhouse LOUD who sent them down to the lower bracket, where NRG took down FURIA Esports before also taking down Cloud9. The winner of Evil Geniuses vs. NRG will have a tall order in taking down LOUD, one of the best teams currently in the world. 

EMEA League

FUT Esports is taking on Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket finals after making an incredible run through the lower bracket after losing in the 2nd round of the upper bracket to Fnatic who now waits for the winner in the Grand Finals. 

FUT Esports came into the playoffs as the 5th seed after ending the regular season 5-4. After being sent to the lower bracket, they beat Team Vitality and Natus Vincere to earn a spot in the lower bracket final. There they will face Team Liquid, who fell to Fnatic in the upper bracket final 2-0 after beating Natus Vincere and Team Vitality.  


You can catch all the Valorant action on both Twitch and YouTube. All times listed are in Eastern Time. 

Lower Bracket Finals – Saturday, May 27th

DRX vs T1 – 3 AM

FUT Esports vs Team Liquid – 11 AM

Evil Geniuses vs NRG – 4 PM

Grand Finals – Sunday, May 28th

Paper Rex vs DRX/T1 – 3 AM

Fnatic vs FUT Esports/Team Liquid – 11 AM 

LOUD vs Evil Geniuses/NRG – 4 PM