VCT: Americas Prepare for Last Chance Qualifier

The Americas League prepares for it’s last chance qualifier. We break down everyone’s odds at getting the last spot at VALORANT Champions 2023.

The wait for VALORANT Champions 2023 is nearly over, as we currently know all but four of the teams that will be competing in Los Angeles later this year for the title of World Champions. Evil Geniuses, NRG, and LOUD, have all already qualified for the tournament as representatives of the Americas League. That leaves seven teams to fight it out in the Last Chance Qualifier in one last attempt to keep their campaigns for the 2023 World Championship alive. 

Odds For VCT: Americas Last Chance Qualifier


  1. Cloud9 (-225)
  2. Leviatan (+400)
  3. FURIA ESPORTS (+1000)
  4. Sentinels (+1100)
  5. 100 Thieves (+1100)
  6. MIBR (+6600)
  7. KRU Esports (+8000)


  1. Cloud9 (-800)
  2. Leviatan (-140)
  3. FURIA ESPORTS (+225)
  4. 100 Thieves (+500)
  5. Sentinels (+500)
  6. MIBR (+2800)
  7. KRU Esports (+3300)

The Favorites

Heading into the Last Chance, Qualifier Cloud9 is viewed by fans and oddsmakers alike as the clear favorite to get the last America’s spot. Cloud9 had one of the best Regular Season showings of all VCT teams in the world, ending the season with an 8-1 record and entering the playoffs as the 2nd seed. Unfortunately, they quickly fell victim to a surging Evil Geniuses squad. Though they were able to find a dominant victory over Leviatan in the loser’s bracket, NRG sent them packing in the following round ending Cloud9’s season in a disappointing fashion. 

Leviatan ended the regular season with a 4-5 record which gave them the 4th seed going into playoffs. In their first match of the Playoffs, they fell to FURIA ESPORTS 2-1 before exiting the tournament after losing their next match to Cloud9 by the same scoreline. Despite their stumbles in the Playoffs, Leviatan is entering the Last Chance Qualifiers with the second-best odds to win the tournament outright. They’ve shown the ability to be a very skilled team at times throughout 2023. They’ll have one last shot to put it all on display in an effort to extend their 2023 season. 


FURIA ESPORTS, Sentinels, and 100 Thieves all have similar odds to win the Last Chance Qualifier sitting at either +1000 or +1100. Despite taking down Leviatan in the Americas League Playoffs, FURIA ESPORTS sits with only the 3rd best odds to win the tournament outright, with odds over twice that of Leviatan. Though they had a rough stretch at the end of the Regular Season, FURIA has proven to be a dangerous team and could easily make a run at the last spot for VALORANT Champions. 

100 Thieves and Sentinels, much like Leviatan and FURIA ESPORTS, ended the season 4-5. However, due to tiebreakers, 100 Thieves and Sentinels didn’t get to participate in the post-season dramatics leaving them to watch from home. Though they didn’t get to play in the playoffs, they are equally skilled to some of the front runners of this tournament and shouldn’t be overlooked. They’ve had plenty of time to reflect on their season and fix their mistakes, preparing for their opportunity to come into this season as a dark horse. 


MIBR and KRU Esports will kick off the Last Chance Qualifiers, with the winner getting slotted into the Upper Bracket Quarter Final against FURIA ESPORTS. To say that the 2023 competitive season has been disappointing would be a complete understatement for both of these teams as they placed at the bottom of the VCT: Americas standings, with MIBR only being able to secure three wins in the regular season while KRU Esports was unable to win a single match. Both teams still, in theory, have a chance, but they’ll both need to play at a different level if they want a shot at becoming Valorant world champs.