VCT LOCK//IN Semifinals About to Take Place

The final stage of the VCT LOCK//IN tournament is about to take place! Who will take home the crown when the dust settles?

The Alpha and Omega Groups have played through their brackets, and four teams have survived the Group Stage. LOUD, DRX, Natus Vincere, and Fnatic will play three best of 5’s to decide who will be the VCT LOCK//IN Champions. You can catch all the action live on the Valorant Esports YouTube and Twitch channels.

The tournament has been absolutely electric so far. Though there was some hesitation over the single-elimination format, it’s safe to say the tournament is a success no matter who is crowned champion at the end. From amazing upsets like DRX over Talon Esports and Team Secret over Team Liquid to the roar of the crowd cheering for their hometown teams LOCK//IN São Paulo has absolutely delivered. 

LOUD (-1.5) vs DRX  – March 2, 12 PM ET

The remaining match in the Alpha Group bracket is between the hometown heroes LOUD and DRX, one of the Korean representatives at the tournament. This is set to be an intense match that will have the passionate home crowd on their feet.

LOUD had a dominant run to Semifinals. Though their first two matches against Gen.G Esports and Karmine Corp were competitive, they were able to make it to Quarterfinals off of two 2-0s. There they met NRG, and that match  delivered on all levels going all three maps, including overtime on Maps 2 and 3. With the hometown crowd supporting them, they will pose a tough challenge for DRX.

DRX pulled off one of the bigger upsets of the tournament when they defeated Talon Esports 2-1 in the quarterfinals to get to this match. Though DRX comes in as the underdog, betters should note DRX’s unmatched resilience in the tournament so far, with all their matches going all three games. Having gone 1-2 on their first maps so far at LOCK//IN, we’ve seen this squad play from behind and constantly find wins against good teams like Cloud9 and BBL Esports. This match is going to be electric, and all Valorant fans should be excited for it. 

Natus Vincere (-1.5) vs Fnatic – March 3, 12 PM ET

Group Omega’s final match is between the Ukrainian Natus Vincere and the UK’s Fnatic. Both of these teams exerted extreme dominance over their opponents on their path to the semifinals. With both teams running through the Group Stage seemingly invincible, we are all but guaranteed that this match will be one for the ages. 

Natus Vincere 2-0 every single opponent on their way to the Semifinals. They were able to run through KRÜ Esports, Team Secret, and Leviatán winning games by 6.5 rounds on average. Natus Vincere came to the tournament as one of the favorites to take the whole thing for a reason. Despite their level of competition not necessarily being that of their counterparts at the Semifinals, they’ve gotten here flawlessly, and Fnatic cannot take them lightly

Fnatic got to Semifinals off of a trio of 2-0’s as well after taking down Sentinels, FURIA Esports, and 100 Thieves winning by an average of 5.66 rounds. Fnatic has shown struggled at times during this tournament, including going to overtime on the first map against FURIA Esports. However, they’ve faced a much higher level of competition when compared to Natus Vincere, and the fact that they’ve managed to remain unbeaten in this tournament is a feat worth respecting.