VCT: Pacific League Playoffs to Begin

The VCT: Pacific League Playoffs are about to start. We break down all the teams competing and the first-round match ups.

Eight weeks have come and gone bringing us the best Valorant the Pacific League has to offer as the 10 teams battled it out in an attempt to qualify for the playoffs. Now that the dust has settled, we have the six teams that will be competing for the title of VCT: Pacific League Champions. You won’t want to miss it when all the action starts on Friday. 


Ending the season in the first place was DRX, who made an incredible run throughout the regular season ending with an 8-1 record. They suffered their first loss of the year last week against Team Secret. They get a bye in the first round of the playoffs allowing this team to assess the mistakes made last week so they can be in top form come the second round of playoffs. 

This team has had one of the best runs in the world, only dropping four maps this year. Still, they are beatable like any other team, and last week was a sign of that. They’ll still enter as the favorites to win, but now all the other teams will come in believing that they could beat them. 

Paper Rex

Paper Rex ended the season with a solid 7-2 record which gave them the 2nd seed in playoffs and also advanced them to the second round as well. Paper Rex has been a fan-favorite team after solid international performances in the past. Their only losses are to DRX and Team Secret, and they’ll come into either rematch with tons of confidence in their growth, as both losses were in the first half of the year. 

ZETA DIVISION vs. Team Secret

Odds: ZETA DIVISION (-115) vs Team Secret (-115)

The first match of the playoffs is ZETA Division vs. Team Secret. Both teams finished the season with 5-4 records. The difference is the fact that Team Secret is entering this match with a ton of momentum. Coming into the final week of the regular season, they didn’t have a playoff spot. They then pulled off the unthinkable taking down DRX 2-0 before taking down Global Esports to claim their spot in the postseason. 

ZETA DIVISION saw most of their success in the front half of the season, putting together a nice winning streak from Week 2 to Week 4. Throughout the season, it’s just been inconsistent, practically alternating wins and losses. They do come in having beaten Team Secret back in Week 6 in a competitive 2-1 match. All Valorant fans can hope for is that this delivers the same level of action. 

T1 vs Gen.G Esports

Odds: T1 (-165) vs Gen.G Esports (+125)

Two Korean teams will face off in the other match in the first round of the playoffs. Gen.G Esports ended the year 4-5, making them the lowest seed in the playoffs and the only team in playoffs with a losing record. Gen.G Esports had all their success in the first half of the season, going 4-0 in the first four weeks. Since then, they’ve been on a 5 match-losing streak on what has been one of the biggest implosions in the short history of competitive Valorant.

T1 will come into this one, hoping to take advantage of Gen.G’s string of poor performances. Though they ended their season with a loss to DRX, they were just on a four-match win streak. Though they will want to treat this match as a tune-up, they best not underestimate Gen.G Esports as anything can happen in the playoffs.