Warzone Wednesday – Week 4 preview, how to watch and where to bet

Call of Duty: Warzone, a second run at battle royale genre in the CoD franchise, has seen a great success since coming out just a few weeks ago. Quickly gaining popularity, Warzone hit more than 50 million players in first month and also motivated community to create a tournament project even before Activision did.

New weekly tournament series Warzone Wednesday by popular Youtuber KEEMSTAR, who previously hosted also Minecraft Mondays or Fortnite Fridays, has kicked off three weeks ago with many high-profile streamers and content creators on board and has quickly become one of the most popular shows on Twitch.

The $20,000 weekly competition takes place every Wednesday and offers, aside from big names and exciting games, an opportunity for not so famous players to participate and possibly make a name for themselves.

In previous weeks, the tournament employed a simple format – teams of three had a certain number of matches to get as many eliminations as possible and the trio with most kills advanced to the next round, until a winner got decided.

However, because of the launch of Modern Warfare Season 3, that replaced Trios with Quads, allowing players to queue into Warzone matches with four-player teams, KEEMSTAR has made some major changes to the tournament. Starting this Wednesday, the format will switch to 2v2 kill-race, which means teams of two facing each other in a bracket, queuing into the same Quads game with the objective of trying to get more eliminations than their opponents.

The first three editions of Warzone Wednesday were dominated by streamers JoshOG and Diegosaurs, who have come out on top in every one so far – the first two with HusKers and the most recent one with Ninja. Streamer Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevin then used their victory to speak out about the cheating problem that has been ravaging Warzone and also tournament itself, stating he and his team had to use workarounds to avoid hackers in their lobbies. KEEMSTAR later addressed the matter on Twitter, demanding COD to investigate the issue.

Given the current FPS game landscape and Valorant release just around the corner, this issue could be crucial for Warzone.

How to watch Warzone Wednesdays

Week 4 of Call of duty: Warzone Wednesdays will kick off on April 15th, at 4 p.m. EST and will be broadcasted on KEEMSTAR’s Twitch channel. Most competitors will probably also stream the matches on their channels.

Here’s the list of all duos which will be competing in Warzone Wednesday week 4:

  • KYR SP33DY and SideArms
  • KeemPark.com Winning Team (TBD)
  • King Richard and Clayster
  • Tourva and Censor
  • SwaggerSouls and Grizzy
  • Trainwreck and Felo
  • Chica and Xposed
  • Symfuhny and DougisRaw
  • Diegosaurs and HusKerrs
  • Vikkstar123 and Warsz
  • NoahJ456 and Merk
  • Nadeshot and Cloak
  • NICKMERCS and Swagg
  • Taylor Fritz and wuskin
  • Aydan and TeePee
  • Castro and Crimsix

Betting on Warzone Wednesdays

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