WeiboGaming Looks to Shock the League of Legends World

WeiboGaming FAW AUDI shocked the world by taking down Bilibili Gaming and securing themselves a spot in the Grand Finals. 

The fourth seed from the LPL, WeiboGaming FAW AUDI, finds themselves only one match away from pulling off one of the most unprecedented runs in Worlds history if they are able to take down the formidable T1. Over the year, they showed flashes of greatness yet consistently found themselves with 5th-6th place finishes. They’ve gone from barely being able to qualify for the LPL Regional Finals to playing the Grand Finals of the League of Legends World Championships in a matter of a few short months. Will WeiboGaming be able to seal the deal and upset T1? You’ll be able to tune into Twitch and YouTube as we find out live Sunday morning in Seoul. 

WeiboGaming the Consistent Underdogs

WeiboGaming FAW AUDI enters the Grand Finals as a +275 underdog, with T1 sitting as a heavy -400 favorite. There is a reason for the large betting lines, however, as WeiboGaming wasn’t supposed to make it to Worlds, let alone the Grand Finals. Most fans and oddsmakers agree that WeiboGaming has had the easiest route to the Grand Finals, and many believe if they had different opponents along the way, they wouldn’t be competing for the Summoner’s Cup. 

The LPL Spring Split was the peak for the WeiboGaming squad prior to the World Championships, as the team ended the Regular Season with an 11-5 record ending 4th in the standings. Unfortunately, their split would amount to only 20 champion points after they lost their first match and were eliminated from the Playoffs to Bilibili Gaming. 

In the Summer Split, WeiboGaming went 10-6, and despite only a one-win difference from the Spring, they fell in the standings to 6th place. They’d find a win in their first match of the Summer Split Playoffs, taking down Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN before losing once again in the Quarterfinals, this time to LNG Esports. They’d earn 40 more champion points for their troubles, which would put them a slight lead in the Champion Points Standings over Oh My God, giving Weibo the final spot at the LPL Regional Finals. At the Regional Finals, WeiboGaming would enter both of their matches as underdogs and would leave as victors, taking down Top Esports and EDward Gaming to qualify for Worlds. 

WeiboGaming’s Run at Worlds 2023

WeiboGaming entered the League of Legends World Championships with almost a shroud of mystery as to what reasonable expectations should be for the team. Sure, they were from the LPL, which many believe to be the strongest region in the world right now, but they were also their fourth seed and maybe shouldn’t have even been there. 

Critics will be quick to point out that WeiboGaming has had one of the easier schedules en route to a Worlds Grand Finals in the history of the esport. They narrowly missed elimination in the Group Stage, only finding wins over some of the weaker western opponents in NRG, MAD Lions, and Fnatic while losing to G2 Esports and kt Rolster. A fortuitous draw for Weibo Gaming saw them take on NRG once again in the Quarterfinals to add fuel to the fire further. Their last match against Bilibili Gaming definitely got fans’ attention as they upset a team that had beaten them multiple times throughout the year. After that confidence boost, they are sure to feel confident as they take on T1 on enemy soil.