West Guaranteed Spot in Knockout Stage at Worlds

Despite the downfalls of both Team BDS and Team Liquid, Western League of Legends fans still have a reason for hope as a fortuitous draw has paired G2 Esports and NRG together in the 4th round of the Swiss Stage in which the winner will secure their spot in the Knockout Stage Bracket.

Meanwhile, the LPL and LCK will go head to head for spots in the Knockout Stage as kt Rolster battles it out with Suzhou LNG Esports and T1 goes up against Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank.

Who will make it out of the Swiss Stage, and who will have to go on to play one more match in the Swiss Stage to determine their fate? You can catch all of the action live from South Korea on both Twitch and YouTube.

kt Rolster vs. Suzhou LNG Esports

  • When: Friday, October 27th – 6 AM ET
  • Odds: kt Rolster (+130) vs. Suzhou LNG Esports (-170)

kt Rolster will have the support of the home crowd, and they hope to take down LNG Esports for the hometown fans.kt Rolster took a tough loss to Bilibili Gaming in the opening round of the Swiss Stage.

Since then, they’ve bounced back, taking down both Dplus KIA and WeiboGaming FAW AUDI. They now take on the 3rd seed from the LPL Suzhou LNG Esports.

LNG started the tournament out with a hot start, taking down two western teams in Fnatic and Cloud9 before running into JDG Intel Esports Club. Though LNG gave the tournament favorites a run for their money, they were unable to take down JDG, losing 1-2.

This will be an exciting match to close out Day 2 of Round 4 with so much on the line between two fairly evenly matched teams.

NRG vs. G2 Esports

  • When: Saturday, October 28th – 3 AM ET
  • Odds: NRG (+440) vs. G2 Esports (-800)

NRG continues its streak against Western opponents as they face G2 Esports for a chance to move on to the Knockout Stage. After losing to WeiboGaming in the opening round, NRG has taken down Team Liquid and MAD Lions en route to this opportunity to move on in the tournament.

G2 Esports has been put through the wringer facing only eastern opponents, though they’ve been victorious more times than not. They started with a win over Dplus KIA, followed by a win over WeiboGaming.

G2 Esports has been viewed as a dark horse the whole tournament, and now would be the perfect time to prove that by securing themselves in the next phase of the tournament before the final round of Swiss.

T1 vs. Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank

  • When: Saturday, October 28th – 6 AM ET
  • Odds: T1 (-110) vs. Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank (-113)

Closing out the 4th round of the Swiss Stage is the highly anticipated T1 vs. Bilibili Gaming. League of Legends’s most famous organization, T1, will be taking on the 2nd best team from the LPL in what promises to be one of the most exciting matches of the round.

The draws have been fairly kind to T1 so far this tournament as they were matched against two LCS teams early on, as they took down both Team Liquid and Cloud9 while taking a loss to fellow LCK team Gen.G Esports. In comparison, Bilibili Gaming had a much more challenging path.

They were able to take down kt Rolster in the first round before being matched up against JDG, who has had their number all year. After falling to JDG again, they bounced back with a win over Fnatic, setting up this clash for the ages.