ASM Global Marks San Antonio for New Esports Arena

Great news is on the horizon for esports fans in San Antonio as ASM Global has, in collaboration with Port San Antonio, just publicly announced a definitive timeline for the construction of a $60 million esports facility in the city.

Details of the Project

With the design of the facility already completed, construction is set to begin in October 2020. The location of the project is the 1,900-acre port campus. Coincidentally (or not?), this site also housed San Antonio’s Kelly Field Air Force base before it was decommissioned. The proposed size and versatility of the complex is, according to the developers, such that it can accommodate all kinds of esports competitions, corporate functions, conventions, music concerts, and an array of educational programs centered around technology and competitive gaming. The facility will also have in-house, full-scale hospitality options for visitors.

In a press release announcing the imminent commencement of the project, ASM Global CEO and President Bob Newman said:

We salute the Port and its leadership for their forward-thinking vision and desire to further develop the large campus into a hub for global innovation. We look forward to partnering in bringing this innovative, world-class venue to life and delivering unparalleled experiences for the entire South Texas region and beyond.

A Massive Undertaking

Upon its completion in 2022, the facility will span 130,000 square feet, and house a 2,500-seater multi-purpose arena. Amazingly, ASM global has made a socially-conscious commitment with this project. According to a company spokesperson, all profits from the facility will go towards funds supporting the development of technology-focused education, specifically K-12 STEM/STEAM programs both in San Antonio and other parts of the region.

Speaking on the potential impact that a socially-conscious esports arena can have on San Antonio and its surrounding towns and cities, Port President and CEO Jim Perschbach, in a brief release, said:

In an increasingly connected world, this Innovation Center will help develop and strengthen the best talent and ideas with a sharp focus on addressing todays’ biggest challenges and participating in an exciting world of opportunities across the nation and around the world to solve those challenges.

Speaking further on the proposed facility’s potential for community development, he said:

We could not have selected a better partner in this project than ASM Global to join our ecosystem in San Antonio and further raise our community’s profile as a leading destination and global competitor in today’s most advanced technologies.

Globally, esports is one of the fastest growing industries – with a year-on-year growth rate averaging over 25% in the past few years. Once a gratuitous pastime, it has become a valuable asset, with a current valuation at over $1 billion. The US is esports biggest market and accounts for a large chunk of that valuation, with teams that constantly rank high in different games and game genres.

San Antonio, in looking to the future, is seemingly placing itself in a leveraged position to reap the benefits of an even more valuable esports industry. Whatever happens though, it is safe to assume that there is indeed an air of mutual confidence between ASM Global and San Antonio’s city council in the viability of the project.