Astralis favourites to win CS:GO Blast Pro Series 2019

CS:GO fans will likely be preparing and waiting in anticipation for the end of next week as the first Blast Pro Series event of this annual year is due to kick off on the 22nd-23rd. Staged in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this exciting event will incorporate six of the world’s most premier CS:GO teams with a Grand Final consisting of the top two successful teams and a best of three playoff to claim the winning title.

The format for this event will see the six competing teams battle against each other in a best-of-one single group with a rallying system to distinguish the strongest teams to move forward. The potential is high and the likelihood of Astralis (1.6) taking home the trophy is currently presumable, they are the bookies favourite to win, but as with past esports tournaments it is safe to say you can never underestimate the underdog.

With striking odds, it is somewhat expected that Danish team, Astralis, will do exceptionally well in this tournament as their reputation of consistency across the years has them labelled as ‘the best counterstrike players of all time’ in many opinions, particularly considering their recent triumphant major against Ninjas In Pyjamas (NiP) (22.6) with a totalling win of 16-0; typically unheard of. Not to say they are guaranteed a win at the Blast Pro Series, after all if previous esport tournaments have taught us anything it is to expect the unexpected (at all times!), however the strength of Astralis’s gameplay is one that cannot be denied; their superiority as CS:GO professionals is fast-growing.

Should Astralis fall short and completely shake up the odds by not making it through to the Grand Final, which other teams will likely be in line as potential champions?

Team Liquid (5.6) has higher than average odds of fighting for success after their discouraging performance at the Intel Challenge Katowice a few weeks back, they are bound to want to prove their abilities are worthy and they are capable of more. As with ENCE (11.6), they created waves within esport circles at the Katowice Semi-Finals by unpredictably beating Liquid and ranking higher up the podium than anybody was expecting. Are they likely to do the same again?

Finally, not forgetting Made in Brazil (MiBR) (6.9) whose performance as of late has been noteworthy, yet they haven’t yet managed to secure the top place. Could this be the tournament they have been gearing up for?

It is all to play for and despite predictable odds, all teams have motive and potential to outdo the other. Astralis have the upper hand in terms of their stable winning record and they have the backing of fans and bookmakers but other teams pose a serious threat to their performance and may just have more to prove.

Its all due to commence this coming weekend, a major event you surely will not want to miss!