Best betting sites for esports outrights

Outrights are one of the most popular markets for casual bettors, allowing them to bet on a team to win a tournament rather than an individual match. Outright bets are usually placed before a season or tournament starts, but are generally also available even during the course of the competition. Odds will continually change throughout the event, so if a team is performing badly at the start of the event their odds will increase, and visa-versa.

Depending on the format of the tournament, this can give generous odds for favourites in contrast to betting on a per-match basis. But of course more risk comes with outrights as you’re essentially betting that the team will win the majority, if not all, the matches they play.

When making an outright bet, you’ll need to appreciate that although the odds may be generous at the time of betting there are some shortcomings. Outrights will be settled at major milestones of the tournament, generally focussed on the last match, so you may have to wait a long time to see a return.

The second short fall is that with esports the meta and a team’s roster can change between the time of your bet and the start of the tournament. This can be both a gift and a burden. During Worlds 2019, the outright market for “Region of the Winner” had the EU marketed at 36.00, before G2 had a chance to prove themselves.

Examples of outright betting

Example 1:
If a tournament uses a knockout format, then the team will have to win every single match to get to the finals and subsequently win the outright. This means that the odds for this to happen would be the same as an accumulator to cover every match the team plays. For favourites this will still give respectively low odds, but you can expect to see some sites list the underdogs at 1000/1. Most, however, will cap their potential losses by either limiting the max bet for large outrights or by capping the max odds that an outright can offer. This makes underdogs very unappealing for outrights but can still yield the occasional windfall.

Example 2:
If a tournament instead uses a Round Robin format, then teams will have multiple chances to progress. Generally in an esports tournament’s 4-team bracket the top 2 teams will progress, most likely then to a knockout. This means that in the early stages of the competition, the odds will be lower as all teams have a better chance of progressing. If the sportbook is still offering outrights in the latter stages of the competition, then we will see them begin to be priced as in our example above.

There can be variations on these traditional outright as well. Rather than just betting on a single team to win, there are also a number of other outrights that you may expect to see on an esports sportbook:

– Team to reach the final
– Winner, not including the favourite
– Winner of Group (seen in qualifiers)
– MVP of tournament

What esports sportbooks offer outrights?

There are plenty of places to take advantage of outright markets on esports bookmakers, but here are a few of our favourites:

[sportbooks ids=”2459,183878,17004,26266″ limit=”4″ /]

Outright betting pros and cons

So to summarise, outrights are a great way to hit some big odds, but you can be waiting a long time to see your bet settled. They’re great fun if you’re actively supporting the team through the tournament though and can be a great way to use a free bet!


  • Higher odds than those on match bets
  • Easier to win than regular bets
  • Available far in advance of tournament


  • Outrights may not be offered by all sportbooks
  • Only available for top tier tournaments
  • You may have to wait a long time for bet to be settled