Best of Unpopular Opinions: Esports Edition

“Unpopular opinion” threads have seen a recent influx on Twitter, bringing everyone out of the woodwork to throw in their 2 cents on their gripes. The esports industry is no exception.

Everyone knows we’re an opinionated bunch, so we’ve picked some of our favourite opinions from social channels. Do you agree, or have your own opinions that turn your friends against you? Let us know in the comments!

Putting the “F” in Fortnite

Not everyone is a fan of Fortnite and it’s struggled to define itself as an esport, but do you agree with these?

Where are we dropping?

Now Fortnite may not be popular, but all Battle Royale titles? That’s too far!

Honk if you agree!

Now we’re talking! @NathanAvie is on to something here.