Betway esports customer wins €43,974 on CS:GO accumulator

Last weekend, one very lucky punter at Betway Esports placed a very lucky well thought out CS:GO accumulator for the IEM Katowice tournament. Placing bets on which players they thought would get the top kills, they threw a €20 punt on an accumulator covering 8 markets, with odds of 2199.00..

.. and they only went and won it! The bet definitely paid off, netting him a cool €43,974!

What did they bet on?

We’ve included their bet slip below, so take note and best of luck for your accumulators!

For a bit of a more in-depth look at the markets, we can see that the majority of them are betting on which player will be the kill-leader of each team. These picks were generous odds as we can see it’s players with a good track record of being top fraggers. In addition we also have the MVP call being AVANGAR which is a bit more of a stretch at 3.35 and also calling Twistzz out as the most accurate player.

Finally, that the AUG would get more kills than its M4 counterpart. This may sound like a risky call, but the AUG has become so popular in the meta in recent months that this is an extremely safe bet.

Next time if could be you!

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