Betway Reveals Partnership with BIG Clan

A new partnership in the world of Esports has been revealed, and it’s between the betting giants Betway and Berlin International Gaming. According to the details, the betting company will offer support on a number of levels to the team while the team itself will use their platform to push the concept of responsible betting.

That in itself seems to be a good deal. Betting on Esports has become a huge business in the last couple of years, and it has partly fueled the increase in popularity of the industry itself. You only have to look at websites such as to see how many games are covered on any given day along with the range of betting options listed with each game.

More of a Renewal Than a New Partnership

This partnership was first cemented back in 2019, and it seems the last two years have been profitable for both parties leading to it being extended. Of course, as BIG field teams in a number of Esports, it did mean Betway was going to be getting some real value for money in the deal.

Betway has also state they have enjoyed watching BIG become perhaps the top CS:GO teams in the world, and while there’s no doubt they are up there, it’s a tough call to see them as being the number one team.

A Big Year for BIG

2021 has been a great year so far for BIG. Not only have they inked other sponsorship deals, they also won the race to become the 12th BLAST Premium Member team. That’s going to mean they are constantly competing at the top, and their inclusion should shake up the betting market.

But then, there’s the money involved for the team. This should help them to improve their talent pool, which will be hard as they do currently have a number of top players. They have made it clear their intention is to use this partnership to help launch more attacks on top tournaments and to create, as they put it, ‘more memorable moments’.

Betting and Esports

As already stated, betting and Esports has become entwined like never before, and that was something that was happening before the pandemic took hold. However, there’s little doubt that with regular sports being so badly affected, that people have been turning to betting on Esports in order to get their fix.

That’s great news for everyone involved, so it’s no surprise that a company such as Betway has decided that now is the perfect time for these kinds of links and sponsorship deals to be enhanced. Considering revenue from betting is increasing on a constant basis, to walk away from a reasonable deal with a stalwart organization at the top of their game.

Don’t be surprised if other organizations create their own partnerships with other betting firms in various parts of the world. It’s a perfect match for all parties involved, and as both industries grow in unison, it represents a winning formula. This continued partnership between BIG and Betway may very well be only the beginning.