Big News in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The esports world just continues to grow and expand, and it’s also an industry that has become more popular as well. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is not one of the most popular esports out there, but it’s still a game that has a massive following. 

This is a sport that is going to be featured at the upcoming Esports World Cup, and there are also some big tournaments throughout the year in this sport. While those tournaments provide some great betting options, there are some teams that have struggled to find much success. 

Moving forward, a number of the top franchises will look a bit different as some new partnerships have emerged. Here is a look at these big news stories, and what they might mean for the the sport moving forward. 

Team Liquid Getting Involved

Team Liquid is an international esports organization, and it has gotten involved with a number of the most popular esports. It’s going to be adding Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to its roster by agreeing to purchase STUN.GG, an esports organization from Asia. 

STUN.GG has two esports properties, and that is how Team Liquid is going to get involved in MLBB. AURA Esports and ECHO Esports are the two properties that were under STUN.GG, but they will soon be renamed to use the Team Liquid moniker. 

Both teams are currently active members of the Mobile Legends Professional League, but each team is currently in a different region. Team Liquid will now have a team in the Phillipines and Indonesia, and there will be a great opportunity to advance to international majors moving forward. 

ECHO Esports is already a big name in this part of the world, and it has had a ton of recent success in the Philippines. While AURA Esports has actually struggled in recent years, it is going to get some much needed improvements with this purchase. 

The financial details of this purchase were not immediately known, but it’s not going to take long for this transition to take place. By the time the next league action begins, there will be a Team Liquid competing in each of the leagues. 

While this purchase is not expected to immediately create a new betting favorite, it will have a lasting impact in this sport. Those that are currently employed by Team Aura and Team Echo will continue in those roles, but will be added to the payroll for Team Liquid. 

Fnatic Finds a Partner

A big reason that Team Liquid is not going to immediately become a powerhouse in the Philippines is that Fnatic Gaming is also entering that league. Fnatic just recently announced a partnership with ONIC PH, and that will allow that organization to enter competitive MLBB action for the first time in history. 

Fnatic ONIC PH will officially be the new name of this team, and it will also be ready to go when the next league action starts. Financial details have not been announced, and it’s also unclear how long this new partnership is going to last. 

Fans started to notice something different earlier this week as ONIC updated it’s logo on social media networks, and the Fnatic logo was mixed in. ONIC PH is still relatively new to this sport as the first season wasn’t until 2019. 

There is hope that this move from Fnatic will make the ONIC PH team more competitive as they were unable to have much success on their own. This part of the world is where some of the best MLBB action takes place, and that will continue now that this partnership is locked in.