CDL Minnesota

Call of Duty League Minnesota – Ones to Watch

As the Call of Duty League Minnesota Home Series kicks off on Friday, we take a look at some ‘ones to watch’ for this weekend, including some young guns and old faces 

Joseph ‘Owakening’ Conley

Owakening is a new face to the Call of Duty League. He recently joined the Florida Mutineers and replaced Maux in the starting roster. Owakening has previously placed 25-32 at CoD Champs last year while most recently placing 5-6th at the CDC Atlanta Open. He currently sits 30th on the Modern Warfare NA Pro Points leaderboard with 30,030 points. The announcement was welcomed by the community with many fans excited to see the former Challenger play in the CDL.

The Florida Mutineers roster now consists of Skyz, Fero, Havok, Frosty and Owakening. The new young SMG player coming in for a natural AR playing out of position should help the Mutineers. Recent performances have been dire for them, leaving their own home series after two 3-0 losses. They take on last weekends champs, the Chicago Huntsmen in game one. However, if they can return to their prior success. It’ll be Owakening who’s leading the charge.

James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks

Dallas Empire’s Clayster is a veteran of the Call of Duty scene. Starting in the Black Ops 2 season, Clayster has been playing for many years and most recently won a World Championship with eUnited in Black Ops 4. Modern Warfare is no different for him, boasting a 1.04 overall K/D this season, topping the charts for his squad. 

Dallas are one of the top three teams in the league who have won 2 events this season. His slower playstyle is complimented by the young guns Shotzzy and iLLeY who fly forward while he controls the map from power positions. Clayster is an extremely talented and smart player, so he’s definitely one to watch this weekend at CDL Minnesota.

Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr

Simp continues to dominate in the Modern Warfare season like he did in Black Ops 4. CDL Minnesota is just another event for his Atlanta FaZe squad to get yet another chip. The team looks confident, and so does Simp. Not only did he break a record getting 49 kills on Azhir Cave Hardpoint. He decided, that wasn’t enough, and went and got 50 the next day! Simp has a 1.19 overall K/D so far this season, making him the only SMG player in the top 10 K/D’s. 

In a meta ruled by AR’s, Simp stands out and dominates with an average 2.77 kills per minute in Hardpoint. While his gameplay is fast, it is also controlled. He puts pressure on the enemy team, without overextending and giving away valuable map control. Simp is one of the best players to watch, and you should definitely keep an eye on him this weekend.

Adam ‘GodRx’ Brown

GodRx will be looking to turn the tides of the Minnesota Rokkr’s season after some poor recent performances. Back to back 5/6th place finishes after two 2nd places in a row spells some trouble for the Rokkr. However, it’s GodRx who could be the star factor needed to reignite the Rokkr flame. 

His last two events saw him put up a 0.88 and 0.89 overall K/D. Yet his K/D for the season is 1.17. This proves his prior dominance before this mid season drought they have found themselves in. GodRx will be looking to return to top form as they take on the Dallas Empire in game one. This will be a tough matchup, but a game they need to win to get back on form.