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Call of Duty League Seattle – Post Weekend Review

Let’s take a look back in our Call of Duty League Seattle – Post Weekend Review. The Chicago Huntsmen get their second weekend victory, The Royal Ravens fall short in their first Final and The Guerrillas show some promise 

Day 1

Chicago Huntsmen 3-1 Paris Legion

The first day of the Call of Duty League Seattle Home Series started with the Chicago Huntsmen. Their new roster took on the struggling Paris Legion and came out victorious. Paris continues to show promise in Domination but not much more. FormaL finished the series with a 1.17 K/D as he started his weekend of dominance. A scrapy final hill in map 4 saw Chicago take it 250-236 and take the series 3-1.

London Royal Ravens 3-2 Los Angeles Guerrillas

London started their weekend of Gun Runner dominance with a 250-159 victory over The Guerillas. Los Angeles Guerillas replied with a blow-out SnD performance winning 6-3. Bradley ‘Wuskin’ Marshall put on a montage for the fans, but it wasn’t enough to win the game. The teams went back and forth with London winning another Gun Runner match before they closed out the series 3-2 on St. Petrograd SnD. Things looked promising for the Guerillas and shaky for the Ravens. But with minimal practice time with new player Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris, it wasn’t surprising.

Minnesota Rokkr 3-2 OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

In the most expected game five of the night it was The Minnesota Rokkr who came out on top. Defeating OpTic Gaming LA 3-2 in the final moments. Slasher was the only player on his team to go positive with a 1.13 overall K/D. He commanded his team to a game five but it wasn’t enough as Minnesota took it in round 11. Although this is tough to take for OpTic, it proves their improvement and that they can compete at the top. 

New York Subliners 3-1 Seattle Surge

In the final match of the day it was the struggling Seattle Surge taking on the confident New York Subliners. New York stated their skill from the off winning 250-175 before backing it up with a 6-4 SnD leading the series 2-0. Seattle, just like Paris, seems to only be able to win domination matches. A close 154-151 saw the series go 2-1, but this was all as New York took the series 3-1 after a 250-200 game 4. Seattle were the first team to make a mid-series substitution, bringing Pandur in for Enable in SnD. This did not help the squad at all, as Pandur achieved a 0.57 K/D being the only player below 1.00 on his team. 

Day 2

Chicago Huntsmen 3-0 Minnesota Rokkr

In a game which was not expected to be over in three, it was the Chicago Huntsmen who came out victorious. The first 2 maps were close, with a 250-233 hardpoint followed by a 6-5 SnD, the game could’ve gone either way. However, it was a complete take over by the Huntsmen in domination as they won 176-123 sealing the series 3-0. FormaL’s 1.37 overall K/D continued his slaying ability and Prestinni on a 1.14 K/D is a scary sight for any team. 

London Royal Ravens 3-0 New York Subliners

In another shock 3-0 it was the London Royal Ravens who took the series. After both teams were 2-0 on Gun Runner this weekend, they decided to have a battle to decide who is king of Gun Runner. Three back-to-back-to-back Gun Runner’s saw London take all three and be crowned king of the map. While a 3-0 can sometimes be close, this one was not. London took the hardpoint 250-180, the SnD 6-3 and the Domination 156-138. They were now 5-0 on Gun Runner this weekend. They really love that map. It was Zer0 who was benched by New York earlier in the season. Who was able to get his revenge in this series. Dylan dropping 36 kills in map 1 and 1.12 alongside Zer0’s 1.37 K/D, that is incredible to see if you’re a London fan.

OpTic Gaming LA 3-1 Paris Legion

Paris Legion took map 1 after Louqa put up a massive 41 kills and a 2.16 K/D. Just behind him it was Kismet with 39 kills out slaying the OpTic squad. After this, OpTic took control taking the next three maps winning the series 3-1 (correct with our predictions). Slasher took matters into his own hands with a 1.38 overall K/D, the highest in the series. A close hardpoint went down to the final hill but OpTic prevailed 250-240 as they won the series. This sent Paris home 0-2.

Los Angeles Guerrillas 3-1 Seattle Surge

Yet again, Seattle were only able to win Domination as they lost the series 3-1 to the only team they’ve beat so far this season. However, the biggest talking point was the dropping of Enable. Yes, again. After one series they dropped Enable and brought Pandur back in. This resulted in them losing to the Guerrillas for the first time this season after previously being 4-0. LAG were dominant in the game modes they won, especially in SnD and Hackney Hardpoint winning 6-1 and 250-165. Aqua and Decemate both achieved over a 1.20 K/D while Octane was the only player to go positive for the Surge. 

OpTic Gaming LA 3-0 Minnesota Rokkr

Minnesota Rokkr seem to be in some trouble, as they were sent home 1-2 out of the Seattle Surge home series. A 3-0 from OpTic was not expected, although OGLA have been playing well. A massive comeback in game one saw OGLA win 250-241. While It was Slasher yet again who performed as his 1.60 overall K/D was the highest in the lobby. 35 kills in both respawn game modes propelled his team to the victory and into back-to-back Semi-Finals.

New York Subliners 3-1 Los Angeles Guerrillas

After the 3-0 loss to the London Royal Ravens, New York bounced back and defeated the Los Angeles Guerrillas 3-1 to get a place in the Semi-Finals. Dominant respawn performances saw Attach put up a 1.45 overall K/D as he controlled the series. Although their SnD and Domination can still look shaky at times. New York looks like a very promising team and they can definitely compete at the top.

Day 3

London Royal Ravens 3-2 OpTic Gaming LA

London got themselves into their first Final of the season as they knocked out OpTic Gaming 3-2. A close series went back and forth with an extremely close map 4. But when it went to map five, there was no competition. It was Gun Runner SnD, and London won 6-1 taking the series 3-2. One controversial moment in this series saw TJHaly kill himself with a semtex. On the CDL stream, it looks like TJ throws the semtex, looks at it for a second and then dies as he starts to run away. However, TJHaly’s own gameplay shows how he skips forward just before he throws the semtex, leading to it landing on the box.

This was an important round as London were 3-1 up. If OpTic made it 3-2, it could’ve been a different series. Overall, London out slayed, with only Slasher achieving a positive K/D for OpTic. With Dylan improving and playing close to his BO4 season form, London are becoming a scary team to play.

Chicago Huntsmen 3-1 New York Subliners

In their third match against each other, New York were unable to replicate the success of their first meeting as they lost 3-1. New York brushed up on their Domination and completely ran away with it winning 177-125. While Chicago took the rest. It was a tale of all round good performances from both teams, with neither majorly out slaying the other. Mack topped the charts with a 1.22 overall K/D in the series, but it wasn’t enough to make the Final.

Chicago Huntsmen 3-1 London Royal Ravens

No one was able to take Chicago to a game five this weekend as they took the title of Seattle Surge Home Series Champions. London fought hard as they tied the series 1-1 on Arklov peak winning 6-2 after a 250-202 game one loss. Following this was an insane 1 point Domination stolen by the Huntsmen, ruining London’s undefeated Gun Runner weekend as they ended 7-1 on that map.

Chicago took the game four 250-160 and won their second chip of the season. Although London fell short at the final hurdle. Their first weekend with new player Zer0 in the squad saw them reach their first Final of the season. So things definitely look promising for the Ravens. As for Chicago, they return to dominance with the addition of Prestinni, as it looks like he has fixed their problems.