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Call of Duty League Seattle – Day 2 Preview

Call of Duty CDL Seattle

After some surprise results in yesterday’s games, meaning we went 2/4 correct, we take a closer look at day 2 of The Call of Duty League Seattle Home Series, and who’s coming out on top 

Minnesota Rokkr vs Chicago Huntsmen

The Minnesota Rokkr returned to their previous form as they defeated OpTic Gaming LA in their first game of the Call of Duty League Seattle Surge Home Series. Alexx was the player to make his mark putting up a 1.50 Hardpoint K/D, while Assault slayed and achieved a 1.94. Although they outslayed, they were dominated on Azhir Cave Hardpoint as they only achieved 135 points. Along with this, two game five SnD’s isn’t the best look heading into tomorrow.

As for The Chicago Huntsmen, they took the series comfortably, although they lost the domination. That domination loss could be down to them, as they over extended from the off, and lost the preferable home flag. The addition of Prestinni seems to have worked, although his overall K/D was 0.76, he had the joint highest engagements on his team. Showing that his bait and switch playstyle definitely creates opportunities for the players behind him.


In their previous matchups, Chicago have been victorious 3-1 and 3-0. However, it is still early days with this new team, and Minnesota play smart. So this series could go to a game five, and it wouldn’t be surprising. Because of this, I’m taking a Match Winner market for the Chicago Huntsmen.

New York Subliners vs London Royal Ravens

The London Royal Ravens made their series harder than it should’ve been yesterday. A 3-2 victory over the LA Guerrillas is nothing to brag about, but there is some good news. New player Zer0 finished the series on a 1.02 overall K/D, making Dylan the only player to go negative. This is expected from the team and a great improvement over Jurd’s performances. New York Subliners however put on an exceptional performance as they took down Seattle Surge 3-1, only losing by 3 points in the Domination. 

Another incredible showing from Mack saw him achieve a 1.23 overall K/D, the highest on his team. Not only does Mack seem to have improved the performance of his teammates, he is proving to be a valuable asset himself. And one of the best players in the Call of Duty League.


Last time these two matched up was at The Call of Duty League London Home Series where London completed a reverse sweep. Previous results have been 3-0 and 3-2 in favour of London. However, both teams are completely different now, and NYSL are playing like a top 4 team. After a shaky performance yesterday from The Ravens, they may need more time to gel as a team. Therefore, I’m taking NYSL -1.5 for this match.

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles vs Paris Legion

OpTic Gaming looked strong yet again as they took Minnesota to a game five round 11. Their superstar roster is finally waking up and playing at the quality they should be. A dominant performance on Azhir Cave showed their presence when using an AR while TJHaly stepped up once again. Things look extremely promising for OpTic, while Paris Legion don’t seem to be improving. They have proved that they are a solid Domination team, however they have not impressed in any other game mode.


Previous matchups between the two have seen Paris win 3-2 and OGLA win 3-0. This series should go the way of OpTic, and fairly comfortably too. So a -1.5 handicap is perfect for OpTic here.

Seattle Surge vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

The Los Angeles Guerrillas put up a promising performance yesterday. While Seattle were dominated by NYSL. Seattle Surge used the first in-game substitute yesterday, bringing in Pandur for Enable. Pandur finished the SnD with a 0.57 K/D, the only player below 1.00 on his team. However, Seattle have an extremely good team, with 3x world champion Karma, and they’ll be looking to get their hands on some more CDL points. The Guerrillas took London to a game five, winning Ramazza Hardpoint 250-146. This shows some signs of hope for the squad as they take on Seattle tonight.


While recent performances don’t look good for Seattle, it’s hard to not have them coming out on top here. These teams have faced off 4 times this season, in total Seattle win with a 12-3 map count. Dominating the Guerrillas 3-2, 3-0, 3-0 and 3-1. Because of this, a Seattle Surge -1.5 handicap seems like the best option, some risk for decent reward. Considering LAG would have to double their map count against Seattle so far to win the series, it would be a surprise.

Tipster Betslip

Match Winner
Chicago Huntsmen
1.0u @ 1.55
-1.5 Handicap
New York Subliners
1.0u @ 1.72
-1.5 Handicap
OpTic Gaming LA
1.0u @ 1.72
-1.5 Handicap
Seattle Surge
1.0u @ 2.04
Returned: 3.27u
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