Call of Duty: The First Season of Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone Will Premiere in December

Call of Duty’s Black Ops War will be available from November 13, but players must wait until December when the multiplayer season will commence. Activision went ahead to reveal that Warzone will collaborate with Black Ops Cold War in December, too, just a few weeks after the November launch. The new integration will see weapons from Black Op Cold War availed in Warzone and operators deployed also. This unique collaboration includes leveraging Cold War’s multiplayer load outs on Warzone.

Investor’s Call to Improve Gaming Experience

Through its Chief Operating Officer Rob Daniel Alegre, Activision hinted that the move to integrate Warzone and Cold War aims to improve the free-to-play user experience. All weapons earned through the 55 level rankings will be deployed in Black Ops Cold War, enabling players to alternate their tailored load-outs. We are also looking forward to improved game modes and a likely new map for the season.

However, Activision still remains unclear whether the same weapon crossover will be available for battle royale, or players must wait for season 1 deployment.

Black Ops Cold War Require Additional Storage Space During Launch

If your PC isn’t generous in terms of storage space, you’ll be forced to delete the outdated version of Black Ops Cold War to accommodate the new one. The developers of the latest version, Raven and Treyarch, recently advised players on the new minimum storage recommendations. For the best gaming experience, you must have at least 175GB of storage space in your console. However, for players who are only interested in the multiplayer version, 50GB of storage space sounds like a good plan.

If you are a PC player and would want to experience all gaming modes in Black Ops Cold War, you’ll need a minimum of 250GB storage space. This space is enough to enable 4K features, hence a better playing experience.

Other Technical PC Requirements for Black Ops Cold War

For a real, thrilling gaming experience, PC players must be connected to reliable broadband internet access when playing Black Ops Cold War. The game will also require a DirectX 12 compatible system, which can only be guaranteed by Microsoft’s Windows 10. If you buy a new PC, the Windows version will come preloaded. You’ll also need a minimum of 12GB RAM when playing for pleasure, but competitive battlefields will require as much as 16GB of RAM.

PC Players May Uninstall Dormant Game Modes

Black Ops Cold War’s storage specifications aren’t any different from last year’s Modern Warfare. Just like in Modern Warfare and Warzone, PC players may delete the game modes they aren’t playing, but only after complete package installation. That way, players can still enjoy the game without sacrificing space continuously.

While Black Ops Cold War’s season 1 launch date isn’t officially confirmed, it is still clear that the competitions will be more intense and competitive than usual. If you are just beginning at Modern Warfare multiplayer, you should consider going harder to unlock as many weapons as possible before the integration. That gives you a great variety to pick from, as players can reload from either Black Ops or Warfare.