Clash Royale League is Back in 2021!

The news that 2021 will mark the return of the Clash Royale League is certainly to be welcomed. After all, we have seen various problems connected to Esports throughout the pandemic in 2020 with big tournaments being cancelled, so the fact plans are being put into place is a major positive.

Back, but Not the Same

While it’s good to hear something positive, let’s not get carried away. This tournament is not going to look the same as it did before.

Gone is the regional team-based format and instead we have something that focuses more on an individual player, and it’s being done globally. Also, the tournaments are going to cover eight months of the year, but with a larger prize pool on offer, it’s sure to draw in all the top players.

Qualifying for the Finals

It seems the organizers plan on using a points system when it comes to determining how people can qualify for the finals. Ultimately, the 24 players with the highest points tally from the monthly competitions will land their spot, and the chance to win the overall prize.

But that’s not the only way. They also plan on having a final chance qualifier at the end of October 2021 where another 8 players will have the chance to qualify.

The Prize Pool

The prize pool is where things start to become even more impressive. In previous years, the prize pool sat at $1 million, and that’s still a fantastic sum. However, the prize pool in 2021 is going to be set at $1.6 million, and that is a huge increase.

Questions About the Changes

Even though it all sounds as if it is well thought out, there are still some who question if the changes are actually the right thing to do. With the previous team-based tournament, it was believed it brought in more interest and big-named organizations. Switching to a format focused on the individual removes that possibility, and it remains to be seen if the same organizations can then effectively sponsor individual players.

The one thing that is certain is that 2021 will prove to be a stellar year for the Clash Royale League. Quite how well the changes perform will be something we will only know once the action is over, but with more than eight months of tournaments to contend with first, we are a long way from knowing if the changes were the right thing to do, or not.