Berlin CS:GO Major to be hosted by StarLadder

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) have had rumours confirmed this week that their second Major tournament will be taking place this year, the first of which is already ongoing, and hosted by esteemed organiser StarLadder.

This outstanding tournament is to be held on the 5th – 8th September at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in the buzzing German centre of Berlin with tickets becoming available in just two months time. Those lucky enough to purchase one will not only become a part of the fifteenth Major but also get to witness the winning team walk away with a whopping prize fund of $1,000,000 (£773,255).

The Minor events leading up to the grand final are due to commence in July and it is then that the Challenger teams are put to the test and whittled down and the very best of the best to then move forward to the Major category.

Head of Business Development at StarLadder, Alexander Chegrinez, spoke in an interview that he was especially proud of the up and coming event.

“It is a great honor for us to host the 15th anniversary Major in such a stunning venue, and for such an incredible community! We will do our best to impress the fans and deliver a truly memorable Major!”

Mr Chegrinez then went on to discuss a brief history into StarLadder’s involvement in the games and why this is particularly special to the company,

“Our company was founded out of an immense passion for Counter-Strike. Our very first tournaments many years ago started with CS. This game was and remains as a critical part of who we are, we grew up with it, and couldn’t be more excited.”

This second Major is sure enough to receive a substantial amount of publicity and its location is of specific interest to esport fanatics. StarLadder are traditionally a Ukrainian company that doesn’t often branch out to other cities, so their involvement and passion behind CS:GO is another reason to fully support the event and snatch up those tickets when possible!