Dignitas fe defend champion title at Katowice

The end of last week saw success for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Dignitas fe, as they managed to hold on to their previous championship title at the Intel Challenge Katowice, after they managed to outplay Team CLG Red and win the grand finals 2-0.

The road to get to the final was arguably a little bumpy at times. Dignitas fe started in Group B of the tournament, alongside another seven hopefuls and during those playoffs the team managed to move forward with two solid wins and one defeat in the process.

The outstanding win saw Dignitas fe walk away with a $25,000 prize pool and their previous reigning title still intact.

When reflecting on the journey that got them to this point, it was a 16-8 victory over Orgless fe on Train that kicked off the process, but sadly that was shortly dampened by a disappointing defeat to Assassins on Dust. Followed by this battle, Dignitas fe then went head to head with paiN fe in a best-of-three, that ultimately took them to the semi-final after successfully defeating their opponent 16-1 on Train and 16-6 on Mirage.

Once part of the Semi-Finals, the first team Dignitas fe were faced with was Besiktas, in which they won their first and third matches which were played on the Overpass and Inferno maps with final scores of 16-12 and 16-1 respectfully. However, they did sadly lose their second match which involved the Mirage map, totalling a defeat of 16-13 to Besiktas, yet thankfully still not enough to eliminate the team overall and Dignitas fe moved swiftly into the Grand Final.

The Final turned out to be much less frantic for the team as they had luck on their side right from the off. Up against a worthy opponent in team CLG Red, the first map played was Mirage where the score of 16-4 saw Dignitas fe finish in a strong position. This was then only reinforced when their second map, Nuke, securing their win after a 16-10 performance saw Dignitas fe crowned as the overall winners once again.