DOTA2 South American Regional League Kicks Off

The DOTA2 South American regional league kicks off with a number of matches due to take place. These closed qualifiers will see various teams battle it out, so there will be ample opportunity to go ahead and place some bets on the outcome of these games. So, which matches stand out?

Matchups to Check Out: Latam Defenders vs Team Unknown

The first game in this league is between Latam Defenders and Team Unknown. Neither team has been able to get any kind of a run of form behind them with a mixture of wins, losses and draws over their last five matches.

Also, both teams have a win rate below 50%, but Latam Defenders is a new team to the world of tips with only a handful of matches behind them while Team Unknown is more established with over 150 matches.

The general odds for this game sees Latam Defenders out at +2.6 while Team Unknown is at +1.45. However, their general experience could help them pull things through.

Infinity eSports vs Incubus

This game between Infinity eSports and Incubus is the chance for one of the teams to try to grab a win, and that has been hard for them in recent times.

Looking at the form guide, we see a lot of losses for both teams, although Incubus did land a win and a draw in their last two. On the flip side, Infinity did register a solitary win in their last five matches, and that was against Incubus, and those types of events can make a difference in another match.

Overall though, it’s Incubus that appears slightly weaker, and that’s reflected in the odds. You are looking at Incubus being out at +2.16 while Infinity is behind at +1.65.

Hokori vs Crewmates

Finally, we are about to throw a real tough one into the mix from this DOTA2 regional league, and it’s the match between Hokori and Crewmates.

Neither team has been around for long, and we are really talking about just a handful of games between them, and that clearly makes it hard to predict who could come out on top. Crewmates have lost their previous two games while Hokori has lost two and grabbed a draw in their last match.

Interestingly, the two losses for Crewmates came against Latam Defenders who we covered in the first match, so that may sway some people and their decision as to who they could opt for.

From an odds perspective, then there is the smallest of gaps between the two teams. You are looking at Hokori floating around the +1.47 mark while Crewmates is out at +2.52, and that’s quite a big gap between two very inexperienced teams.

All six teams mentioned here have several games to play in the league, and all will play at least one match before the matchups we have discussed. Check out how they do in the matches on January 6 before these ones kick off on January 7 as it may very well change the odds and who is likely to come out on top.