Elo Entertainment launches TrackLoL and Other Trending Esports News

Data analytics brand Elo Entertainment has issued a statement that they have launched TrackLoL, a new website that gives analytics for League of Legends.

TrackLoL’s website provides a number of data surrounding the game, such as live-match experience predictions leaderboards, and tournament updates.

With TrackLoL, Elo Entertainment uses its analytics to give curated statistics and information. The website includes a trademarked rating system for ranking teams in each competitive region, live win prospect that adjust as a match progresses, and a predictions leaderboard that permit fans to compete against each other.

Sabina Hemmi, CEO and Co-Founder of Elo Entertainment said:

“We’re excited to offer something no one is doing in League of Legends Esports — advanced statistical support. Our machine learning and multiplex algorithms are breaking new ground in statistics for League of Legends.”

The data analytics firm is also known as the brand behind Dota 2 statistics and community website Dotabuff. Beginning of this year, Elo Entertainment released its first desktop app for the Dota website.

The company has said, through a press release, that it looks forward to the expansion and renewal of its products and services across many competitive video gaming titles.

League of Legends is one of the most famous Esports in the world, which makes it the best candidate for data analytics. The market for data in Esports is fast on the rise, so Elo is in a strong position to capitalize on demand from marketers, fans, and betting firms.

OPPO Reno5 Named PUBG MOBILE Esports Smartphone Partner in MEA

Technology company OPPO has issued a statement that its Reno5 smartphone line has become the formal smartphone partner for PUBG MOBILE Esports in the Middle East and Africa region (MEA) in 2021.

As a part of the agreement, OPPO will take part in PUBG MOBILE Esports’ championships in MEA all through the year.

Ethan Xue, President of OPPO Middle East and Africa, told pressmen about the new partnership “OPPO’s strategy is fixed on interacting with our users’ passions in the UAE. In line with how famous the mobile gaming is in the region, a lot has been invested in bringing the ideal gaming platform to our customers through the latest Reno5 series of smartphones.

Picking the new Reno5 Series as the formal smartphone partner for PUBG MOBILE Esports in the Middle East and Africa region is a demostration to the extraordinary and mesmerizing gaming experience provided by our Reno5 Pro 5G and Reno5 5G smartphones.

OPPO’s Reno5 series includes Reno5 Pro 5G and Reno5 5G smartphones. According to the press release, the devices put up gaming-suited hardware and software geared for an ‘mesmerizing and fluid gaming experience’. They come with attributes such as Gaming Shortcut Mode, Gamer Mode, ‘bullet screen messages’ and versatile gaming touch.

PUBG MOBILE is committed to bringing the maximum fun and enjoyment for passionate, fearless trendsetters and esport enthusiasts. Taking advantage of their experience and expertise in Esports, PUBG Mobile thrilled to work with OPPO to increase the ever-growing mobile gaming landscape.

Connecting a ‘gaming smartphone’ with the most admired mobile Esports title is a wonderful marketing move. Expect more partnerships like this in the near future as mobile Esports continues to show signs of growth. Besides, it’s always good to see major brands supporting Esports in the MEA region.